Don’t Follow on MVM

Bon Jovi can be good for big, anthemic rock songs.

This one is no exception, but I would like to suggest a slight political undercurrent while you watch. For those here in the states, this is election week (which includes deciding who will be the next PotUS). I would encourage you to vote – but to consider your vote. Don’t blindly vote “party,” but consider who you want as a leader, who you feel the best person is for the job (regardless of color, race, party affiliation, etc).

We’re not meant to follow, and unless you get out and vote that’s exactly what you’re doing.


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PF: Cemetery Statues

Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2008

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PF: Statue

IIRC, this was taken in Buenos Aires (possibly in a cemetery), December 2008.

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PF: Chilean Lanscape

January 2009, Southern Chile

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PF: Cemetery Vaults

December 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Getting Rocked on MVM

This was the last big single for Def Leppard in the early 90s before Grunge took over the airwaves, and it’s still a track that I’ve been likely to include on mix tapes and playlists for high-energy/driving music.

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PF: Horses at the Beach

Ushuaia, Argentina, inside the Tierra del Fuego National Park, December 2008.

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