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Stupid People…

There really is no other way that I can think to say this: Stupid people piss me off. Let me clarify – people that should know better (read: adults) that just have no business breeding, because they lack certain skills – like courtesy.

I had a call, where I was having difficulty hearing the caller (background noise on their end – it’s amazing how many people don’t think to turn a radio or TV volume down when they are on the phone…). They asked for “Family Practice”.

“Family Medicine, ma’am?” I replied, wanting to make sure I heard them correctly.

“Family Practice,” she replied, and I just felt that arrogant air of, “No… I didn’t say ‘Family Medicine’, I said ‘Family Practice’.” Most callers have simply taken it in stride, and said some form of, “Yes,” but without any form of attitude. The background noise was still blaring through the headset.

“That’s what I said, ma’am. Family Medicine.” Yes, I was being a little bit of a smart-ass, I will grant that, but it was feeding off of what I was getting. And I had a feeling that I was dealing with a stupid person, but I tried to still make things sound as pleasant as I could. “Hold on one moment while I connect you.”

We have a feature where we can connect the call through, but still listen on the line. Thihs is used mostly when there is a call-box or option box set up for a particular location. You know, the friendly sort that always prompt, “For this, press #1, now. For that, press #2, now. For the other, please press #3, stay on the line.”

I patched her through, allowing her the chance to hear the options. While the computer is sqwaking away, she (like so many others) is just having a conversation – and she’s giving me crap. “‘That’s what I said, Family Medicine’. Why don’t you just connect me,” she said, apparantly talking to a friend, the background noise still quite present. “Lord, Jesus, now I din’t hear what she [the voice prompts] said.”

Now, what I really wanted to do, was pop onto the line, and tell her, as politely as I could manage, “Look, bitch, if you would turn down the sound system so I could hear you clearly in the first place, or if you paid enough attention in the second place, you wouldn’t have to show your ignorance on a recorded phone line.”

And it’s a Monday… but the stupid people (as plentiful as they may be – at least, in the distilled population that I get through my call hub) will not win the week… they’ll just piss me off enough throughout the day that I’ll get a good enough laugh at their expense.

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Here’s a random thought for the morning… I should consider dentistry as a hobby. I’m serious – with the effort that it takes to cradle the patients that come through our facilities – it’s like pulling teeth!

Many will call in with a vary vague purpose – to schedule an appointment, or get a prescription refill – but don’t know what clinic they are supposed to be going to, or what drugs they are supposed to be taking (“I don’t know the name, and I’ve already thrown the bottle out. By the way, it’s my blood pressure pill and my insulin and I’ve been out both for a couple of days. So despite the fact that you ask for up to seventy-two hours to process prescriptions, and it’s currently 4:45 on a Friday afternoon, before a three-day weekend, is there any way you can have that called in today?”)…

So, we go through all of the hoops, and ask all of the questions imaginable for their situation (often repeating them several times since the patient is usually only half paying attention, and also depending on the specific line that was called in the first place)… and it often boils down to the patient having the information (as is the case with a lot of appointment requests) in their hand as to which office they need to speak with, but taking five minutes for them to figure out the text of the letter (especially when they initially want to deny that the information is there).

Dentistry… pulling teeth… gah!!!

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Yes, Sunday. This is one of those weird moments where I am actually working on the weekend. Geez, I haven’t done this since right before I started (back in August!). There were some issues here in the office that meant someone wasn’t able to work, and everyone ELSE that could have also (rather, WOULD have) worked was otherwise committed (either already working that day, coming in early the next morning, or going out of town for a conference). So, it boiled down to me and someone else being the only two that could work, so I figured I may as well take it (hey, it means getting OT. Granted, I think I would actually rather have comp time to use later, money is money – and you don’t generally scoff at money!)

I finished Angels & Demons on Friday night (after a short marathon session) around 1:30am, and started on the current read (Sue Grafton’s A) the next morning. So far, I’ve read about 200+ pages (after spending most of Saturday in the book). I think it’s safe to say that I will probably be working on getting this series from the library and trying to work my way through it as part of my reading goals for the year. My understanding is that phones are genertally pretty quiet on the weekends so I stand a good chance of actually finishing the book today (as I write this, it is currently about 3:30pm, and I am here until about 11pm tonight).

Of course, I also have some of my routine (already done, by now) that I can do, as well as adopt a whimpering project, and try to nurse it for a time this evening. Who knows, I may actually find myself adding another post (maybe some experimentation with the blog) later!?

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A steady, but quiet day. We’ve been short someone for the last two days, so some of the otherwise “quiet, writing time” has been spent fielding the extra calls. Between that and training I’ved been getting a little frustrated (albeit, at times frustrated with myself for just not forcing myself to write something towards an active project).

On the reading front – I’m down to about 230 pages to go… not bad mileage for about one week spent reading. Trying to make up for the lost time (if I can)…

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Monday Was Blah!

I thought about a post yeterday evening, while I was at home, but ultimately decided against turning on the computer. Sue me! 😉

Daytime: The weather started at a cool temp yesterday morning. Through the course of the day, the temperature rose to a very comfortable high-60s, if not very close to 70 degrees. My wife returned to work yesterday (her first day back since the Great Break). It was good to ride with her and have lunch with her again… it was a simple pleasure that was missed while she was out.

As I was headed to the car, I received a call from my mother-in-law: a package that we (my wife and I) had been expecting was delivered. My wife had ordered a drumming video for me from ebay for Valentine’s Day. She won the item on the 14th, but with her hospital stay, it took a few days before we could handle the payment for the item (just sitting at a computer long enough!) I spent much of the night after getting home watching parts of the video, before reading and bedtime.

Both yesterday afternoon and this morning were “training days” – where the same individual that has now been here for two months, but is not quite coherent enough to be on their own. It has been a bit frustrating for the “vetrans” of the office since we have to adjust our schedules to still hold the hands and guide them with the system – when most of us were fully on our own after two months! So that has been the fun at work, and why my “training day” posts have usually been very brief.

So, I’ve gotten the new video, am happy to say I have started reading a new book (finally), and have my wife riding to work with me again. Happy times, that are due to be getting better – especially once I start plowing through some of the projects that have been haunting me for a few days!

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Stupid people…

God bless them, but I really get frustrated and, for lack of a better word, pissed off at stupid people. I’m not talking about “challenged” individuals – I’m talking about otherwise normal, fully functioning people that are out in the daily world and just decide to wear their asses on their shoulders.

Case in point: I had a caller that I was trying to get information from, to make sure that I sent the correct notes to the doctor’s office. Anytime I asked the caller a question, I would get an “I don’t know” or “The doctor did it last year. My pharmacy told me to call my doctor.” As I kept asking questions, to make sure I fully understood the situation, and repeating what I had (in good performance and protocol) to make sure I had the documentation right, the caller would get shorter and shorter, talking over me and basically being a t-total… well, you know.

I called her out on it when she started getting extremely vocal. She said it was how I was treating her… Lady, sometimes you get what you give. Unfortunately, some people don’t always get what they may need. What she needed a swift kick in the ass… obviously she hadn’t had one in a while.

And it’s Wednesday afternoon… the rest of the week is downhill from here!

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"Tuesday’s Gone"…

Ah… one of the rare Skynard references that I may make…

I was training someone again yesterday afternoon, and left early. By the time that I remembered I had not done a post, I was home and well into the project of cleaning my office (finishing one project that had been started, so I could start on the NEXT pile of things to be gone through…) – consider it “pre-spring” spring cleaning (a few years overdue, but hey, I’m trying to get rid of crap that I don’t need to have now, right?)

I HAVE put a few more words down on my “Call Center” project, but not enough to mean it will be completed soon… but words have been added!

I will be training someone this morning, and will be solo (again) this afternoon… I’m going to try and add some more words before leaving early again, today.

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Welcome to the first Monday in February! Here (being Eastern NC) it has finally gotten to be the regular “winter” weather that had been missing for much of the December and January (read: the cold has arrived!)

Yesterday was a good day (except for Bears fans), and the weekend went fairly well. I helped some friends finish moving, and did some work with the local cycling club on the mountain bike trail.

Otherwise, my godd intentions for writing were again shoved aside. I need to quit doing that so often if I have any hope to get my projects done and meet some of my writing goals.

*sigh* Fortunately, I don’t have the trainee with me this afternoon, so I can log some time! (Now, I just need to log the words)

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Can You Say…?

OK. Here is my “steam blowing” moment. You see this word: “m-o-d-u-l-e” on a piece of paper. Can you pronounce it? Module – sounding like “mah-jool”. For instance, for those gamers old enough to remember when they were published in abundance, the context would be something like, “Have you seen/gotten/heard about the new module for [insert favorite game world here]?”

When you hear “modular” what do you think about? Homes, most likely. Or something that can be easily changed around.

As I have said, I work for a call center for a medical facility – I take calls an route them to the appropriate clinic, or help people with their questions. What gets to me though, and this is my raving tangent, is the abundance of people that can spell the word off of a piece of paper, but when it comes to pronouncing the word “module” either butcher the word completely (like making it sound like “moe-duhl” or something worse) or adding an “-ar” the the end (“can ytou connect me to modular…”). It gets even more entertaining when people butcher the first half, and then add the “-ar”.

I guess our patients are not seen in an eight story, brick building that was built in the 70’s. They are seen in shiny, factory built homes that are either shipped to location assembled or assembled on site.

Just a tangent, and expression of disappointment at how low some of the education has gotten, or lazy the people have gotten – as often times it is the younger generation that butcher as badly (or worse) than any of the other callers. (I can understand older patients adding the “-ar”, a bit more than the younger crowd). And, to be perfectly clear – this is an issue that crosses gender and race… so I am not trying to profile or point fingers… I just get tired of the butchering of language every-so-often, and need to vent.

“Now, it’s time for a break down.” (cue your favorite music as we go to something more fun… 🙂

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No particular point to the title… just Queen lyrics rolling through my head as I was getting ready to type it…

As I have been training people for the last few days, I haven’t really been able to write (while here at work)… namely holding myself back from progress on my current project. I have, for all intents and purposes, shelved my NaNo project for the time being, at least until I finish a few other projects (I want to complete my current project, and write a few short stories that I can tweak and start making rounds with…)

Which rolls back to my initial issues… first and foremost, to put it bluntly – getting off of my ass and writing! More to the point, putting fingers to keys or pen to paper and putting things down… I can’t get published without text, and GOOD text at that. Good text comes with practice – which I (unfortunatly) have a bad history/record with…

Grrrrr…. *thunk* as head hits desk

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