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Wii + Netflix = ?

I mentioned this in my “2010 resolutions” post, but I think it’s something that can be discussed on it’s own… Netflix recently [sometime in January] announced that it was partnering with Wii to allow video to stream through the gaming console. Similar to the PS3 setup, it will require a special “Netflix” disk to operate [which will be interesting to see how that works out… and if it needs to be inserted EACH time we want to stream a movie, or if it installs a patch into the console].

Personally, I think this will be awesome, from a service user standpoint. I know I can stream to a PC (and, thankfully, they finally got the setup worked out sometime a year ago, maybe a little more, allowing streaming through a Mac), but to watch a movie, at home, streaming through a laptop moniter just gets old, and doesn’tmake much sense to me. I’ve watched some television episodes, and we’ve done some Hulu during the holidays (a great way to catch up on some interesting specials that we probably would not have seen, otherwise).

And I have a fulll queue. At least, an almost full queue, measuring in at well over 450 items. With several of them being available through the “On Demand” queue. If nothing else, I can work my way through the “On Demand” items [and continuing series, if available] and just get the “Disc Only” items, which will clear up my queue a bit. And it will also blast the question, “What movie would you like to watch?” wide open, given a little bit of pre-planning. (It will help to know what’s in the queue, so checking it regularly will be a good idea.)

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Wii Fit, Patterns and Changes

After several weeks (nay, months) since initially trying to get a Wii Fit, I was finally able to get one over this past weekend (Sunday, actually)… I like Best Buy, I really do, but they really frustrated me over the last month with some of the video game sales policies (it seems like some kind of internal thing, but more explanations in a moment)…

Going back to gettingthe Wii, then a few weeks ago with Mario Kart Wii, you had to time the visit right. After one visit, when I was trying to get MK Wii (after seeing it “available at store” online), there were none on the shelf, and I was told, “We’re not able to sell it right now…” The next night, I have a thought, and decide to experiment… I go online, order it, and stop by an hour later to pick up the game. The two visits were no more than three (3) days apart, and did not cover a change in flyers… needless to say, that logic confused me.

So, seeing a Fit in this week’s flyer, I stopped by Sunday afternoon (about 2pm), and again was told, “Nope, sorry, we’re out.” I had a few other errands to run, and on a whim decided, “Meh, why not” and stopped by a GameStop that was near my other stops. Lo, there on a shelf overhead were three, preserved like precious fruit, crying “Take me” like someone had left the Grail light on again.

I waited in line, and asked for a Wii Fit when it was my turn… and the clerk went to the back to get one. The back!? They had more than three in stock! What a novel concept, just like opening a business with the intention of making money. I claimed the box, and scampered joyfully to my car so I could return home. (Well, not really scampered joyfully, but I was happy that I was finally able to find one…)

Later that night, MC and I tried it out, and each did about 20-30 minutes… mostly playing (withthe balance games) and doing a little bit of Yoga, although I did do some of the Strength exercises. We haven’t tried the Cardio items yet.

In the process of “the setup”, though, it does some basic checks (based on weight, projected BMI, compared to age, height, etc.), and based on those figures it calculates a “fitness age”. I am sad to say that mine was listed at about 45 (and I am SOOOOOO not near there in real life)… which means I am overweight and out of shape… by a lot. By comparison, MC was also listed as older than she really is, but only by a hint… and I am taking the very PC stand of “Never ask a woman her age”…

So we have both set some goals, and have another (actually entertaining) way to help us try to get there… I’ll post some updates as time goes on, for those that might be interested (either in how we are doing, or in some running feedback for the software)…

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I have been quite surprised at how scarce the Nintendo Wii has been. I have been tinkering with the idea for a few weeks… easily about a month, but easily a bit longer, going back to shortly after Wii-Fit was released. To be perfectly honest, the Wii is the last of the “big systems” that I would have expected to be interested in… I had picked a PS3 as the “next system”, if I ever got around to one.

The more I’ve tinkered with one, though, the cooler the idea that the mechanics of the sytem has become… the controllers are cordless, and designed to be intuitive – based on the game. Like in golf, the controller is held, and swung as if actually playing golf. In Mario Kart, the controller is held and manipulated as if it were the steering wheel. All without cables, allowing for a more interactive environment.

I finally purchased one yesterday… when I contacted a local store they still had five in stock, by the time I arrived, there were only about three on the shelf. It is still in its box, secure in a closet… I want to wait a little while before opening it, not out of relishing the experience, but I want to do something to actually “earn” it… I have several projects in the works, so I want to actually finish something before I try to break out the system…

Of course, there are also lots (lots) of boxes that I still need to go through from the move, so that’s another area that I want to dent before playing… But I have the system, which seemed to be the biggest hurdle out there.

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