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Slight Changes – Movies

For those that have been following my “Recently Viewed” listing, I’ve made a couple of small changes. You may notice (now), and will continue to see a “key” to designate some of the movies on the list.

I am only designating “premium” viewings – either those seen in the theater, or that I have received from a subscription service. I’m not sweating the designation of movies seen on TV/cable channels, that are in personal collections, or other people have ordered – if I’ve paid for it, I’m listing it. With that said, the “T” stands for “Theatre”, and anything designated with an “N” is from “Netflix”… and will cover any other services, should I decide to add or change to them in the future.

I do have some TV series that I will cycle through my Netflix queue, so I may make some notes (as posts) as I cycle through them… or I might not (honestly, it all depends on how I’m struck by the shows, and any affiliated hype)

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Wednesday recap… and revision update

Nothing major accomplisehed yesterday. We had our last “Wednesday Night Social Club” dinner for the year last night and did not get home until around 10pm, and in bed by 11… no words logged, no races run, and only marginal progress in my current reading.

About that… As you may (or, likely, may not – as I have not really, until this point been screaming the availability of the blog) have noticed, there have been some changes to the layout of the site… I’ve added a “Reading” and a “Movie” listing… recently processed items for the sake of adding some fun stuff to the site.

The “Reading” section – as titled – is the current work that is being read… I figured I would just display the current work, instead of each book in order to keep things simple… I may do a “year ending” style post to recap works for the year. I think it would be interesting to see the styles of books, not to mention the volume that is processed in a year…

In the “Movie” listings, I am just displaying the “Recent 10”, for much the same reason. There are, however, other notes that will appear heavily in the movie listing… “Again” means I have seen the movie before… however, if it is a “theme” movie, either aired or viewed several times in the span of about a month, multiple viewings will only be listed once (ex. Elf, being a Christmas movie, will likely be seen several times, since we are in the Christmas season, etc.). Also, for the sake of clarity, I am listing the release year in order to differentiate between versions (in the case of remakes like Dick & Jane).

I may, eventually, start spinning these categories into posts, with a brief review… but for now, there shall be only lists…

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A Rough Beginning…

Well, I’ve been pondering this for a while, but I finally got around to starting my blog…

These are my first few words, but there should be many more that follow as I establish the site, and topics…

Later all – 🙂

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