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Comedy… with Puppets!

We ended up having a discussion at work the other day, and someone mentioned having a deep rooted fear of dolls. She doesn’t mind scary movies, but give her any of the Child’s Play series, or the Puppet Master series, and it’s no good.

I mean, what is there to be scared of with this guy?

So, in all fairness, I sent this same person a couple of videos that I was exposed to over the weekend. Mary Catherine has been talking to me about this guy for a couple of weeks, a comedian ventriloquist. I thought some of them were hilarious, so I share them here.
His name if Jeff Dunham, and there are lots of videos out on YouTube. These are but two…

Peanut and Jose Jalepeno

And… Achmed the Dead Terrorist


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More Guns…

After a quick search for “November Rain”, I was prompted to look up a few of the other “key” singles/videos… so here we go…

Sweet Child o’Mine

These were some of the other “huge” songs that helped make the band the awesome thing that it was, back in the day.

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