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General notes…

Wow… checking through my thoughts, I realized that (yet again) I have been doing a lot of things, and not making notes or posting updates… of even some of the menial events… Or what updates I have made have been very short, and non-specific.

Well, I have some entries that I am preparing that should, I hope, clarify some of that information.

Here, however, are a few points that I do feel comfortable telling, outside of content specific posts:

1) I have finished Dress Lodger. Finally. After months on the list, it is finally complete. In all, I don’t really think it is a bad book. I do, however, believe that some of the details are thick, and it takes a little time to get truly into the work… or back into the work… when trying to read it. Some of the images, though, do stick well, and can come back to the reader after the book is done.

2) It’s cold. Yeah, it’s February, but we are going through a cold streak that is really getting interesting. No snow, and nothing fun, it’s just cold. Ugh.

3) It is almost time for Spring Break! Only one more week before the scholastic respite for the wicked. I’m looking forward to it, not so much for going anywhere (hell, I didn’t even do that when I was actually a real college student), but so I can have a couple of nights free, and spend some time trying to actually write.

4) Speaking of writing: With my travels, the scipt has stalled (sort of)… all told, I have almost 30 pages written, but nothing really “new” in almost three weeks. However, that is one of my goals: to have at least 60 (but preferably up to 75-80) pages completed by the end of the Spring Break week.

Now, while I prep for the other “really big” posts, I need to find some ink…

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Script Updates

Last night was the third meeting for my Script writing class, but the first time my work was ripped apa… I mean, critiqued. And I fully agree with one of the biggest points, regarding a major scene that I had submitted. It was, after all, my first (formatted) scene that I was drafting, and was writing more to get something on paper… some of the information may get recycled, but I decided that a majority of the scene, the way it was originally written, anyway, would be gone during the revisions.

Now, for more statistical information. My “master” script is currently about 13 pages, with about another 5 that are written, and “in progress” for next week. Personally, I am thinking (hoping) that the final “draft” length is around 100-120 pages. For the terms of the course, I need to have about 65 pages. I am guessing that means “quality” pages, which is what I would like to have, anyway.

With that said, something which I know is going to be a bit problematic (and may seem weird when looking at my work, compared to the rest of the class), is I am writing this script a bit irregularly. I am not writing from the beginning, and slowly plugging my way through to the end. I am writing from around the spectrum – writing the individual scenes and sections, and piecing them together inside the “master” script. It’s what is working for me, to get my mileage up.

Go me.

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