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Wii + Netflix = ?

I mentioned this in my “2010 resolutions” post, but I think it’s something that can be discussed on it’s own… Netflix recently [sometime in January] announced that it was partnering with Wii to allow video to stream through the gaming console. Similar to the PS3 setup, it will require a special “Netflix” disk to operate [which will be interesting to see how that works out… and if it needs to be inserted EACH time we want to stream a movie, or if it installs a patch into the console].

Personally, I think this will be awesome, from a service user standpoint. I know I can stream to a PC (and, thankfully, they finally got the setup worked out sometime a year ago, maybe a little more, allowing streaming through a Mac), but to watch a movie, at home, streaming through a laptop moniter just gets old, and doesn’tmake much sense to me. I’ve watched some television episodes, and we’ve done some Hulu during the holidays (a great way to catch up on some interesting specials that we probably would not have seen, otherwise).

And I have a fulll queue. At least, an almost full queue, measuring in at well over 450 items. With several of them being available through the “On Demand” queue. If nothing else, I can work my way through the “On Demand” items [and continuing series, if available] and just get the “Disc Only” items, which will clear up my queue a bit. And it will also blast the question, “What movie would you like to watch?” wide open, given a little bit of pre-planning. (It will help to know what’s in the queue, so checking it regularly will be a good idea.)

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