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E = …?

Since I have officially finished reading my first ebook, I have added a designation to my “Currently Reading”… Yeap… intuitive you probably already guessed it… an “E”, well “(E)” to be specific. I’ve read a couple of short stories, or pieces of magazines, but finally snuck in a book so I could finish something for a class.

And the jury is still mixed. Sort of.

I’m reading on an iPad (cross platform: I’ve got both Nook & Kindle apps loaded, as well as iBooks), and the experiences have generally been positive… much better than my attempts to run the Nook app on a Droid 2 (synching issues). Really, the only issue I’ve had to grumble about is the lack of cross-platform availability for some titles I’m interested in. Examples: Sue Grafton’s Alphabet series – there are a couple of titles not available for the Nook, but are available through Kindle. Neil Peart’s books that are available electronically on Kindle, aren’t anywhere else.

I like the appearance and functionality of iBooks, but Nook’s got so many more titles and options available, and in theory has cross platform support (has worked between an iPad & iPod Touch… not so much with the Droid app, and some issues with the PC client). And Nook’s easier to add titles to (over 3000 – yes, that’s thousand – samples so far). Kindle hassn’t impressed me, other than as an alternate venue to find titles – like Peart’s books, or Cherie Priest’s Clementine.

Yes, I said samples a moment ago. Many of them are books that I already own copies of and am just using as place markers for the “library” (Grafton, Gaiman, some Stross and Doctorow, among others). Many of them are back-cannon collections for writer’s I like, have an interest in reading (the rest of Stross, Doctorow, Scalzi, King). Many of them, though, fall into the “oooh, shiny” category, which is where I think Nook has the market advantage. I like to wander the shelves and look at books. I’m weird that way, always have been, but with the marvel of cell phone cameras, I can now take a picture of a book that looks interesting, look it up online, *click* a sample is added to the library for me to check out later. Much better for the discouragement of random impulse buying with triple digit receipts (I mentioned here before where two trips to B&N in a week netted me about 20 books, just because I was bored and wandered the shelves).

I guess the real reason I say the jury is still sort of out stems from moments like that… I still have a boatload of books – physical paper, bound, printed things – on my shelves begging to be read, many of which are more likely out of print, or haven’t been transitioned over to ebooks yet (inherited collections). Which means not a frequent digesting of ebooks… yet. Once I finish this Master’s Degree thing, I may have some increased opportunities to play with.

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Sites and Sounds on a Wednesday…

Ah, the sweet smell of Wednesday. After my bummer weekend (a really bad Friday night, and an equally lost Saturday – low grade fever and general “blah” feeling with aches that kept me in bed for most of the day), the new one is on the horizon, ready for more cleaning, reading and writing… among other things if time permits!

I will be leaving early today, so there will be much rejoicing in a few hours 🙂

Funny thing about the internet… you get used to bookmarks, and visiting sites, but when you KNOW that things are going on, it is easy to get a little frustrated at a lack of change on the sites (a point I try to defuse by aiming for at least some form of schedule… it helps for readers to know there is a plan, sometimes).

Within the last couple of days, I tried going to my friend Ben’s site, off of my bookmark/favorites list, and I got the generic “good idea for a site name” garbage page. But today, I manage to get through… probably a server issue at the time I was trying to pull up the page.

Being a music fan, I have my preferences – I’m a rock guy by initial preference, but I want things with variety. (Example – I like AC/DC, but after a while I have to find something else because it all starts sounding the same… same key/chords/range, vocals hardly change so I just get bored and start tuning it out.) One of my prefered groups is Rush, and I am happy to see that there is a new album due out in a couple of months, with tour to follow (yeah!)…

Anyway, I have been regularly checking Neil Peart’s site for any other updates on the album’s process & progress, only to see his words from December. The Rush site has a teaser sample of the first single that should be out this month, but otherwise little news. Of course, when things ARE finally posted, I’m sure the rest us us rabid fans will be right there listening to each other and reading the information, foaming at the mouth as we plan which shows to attend.

On a side note, Neil also lists a “recommended reading” section on his site, which could be a useful place to discover some new works to explore.

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Monday Was Blah!

I thought about a post yeterday evening, while I was at home, but ultimately decided against turning on the computer. Sue me! 😉

Daytime: The weather started at a cool temp yesterday morning. Through the course of the day, the temperature rose to a very comfortable high-60s, if not very close to 70 degrees. My wife returned to work yesterday (her first day back since the Great Break). It was good to ride with her and have lunch with her again… it was a simple pleasure that was missed while she was out.

As I was headed to the car, I received a call from my mother-in-law: a package that we (my wife and I) had been expecting was delivered. My wife had ordered a drumming video for me from ebay for Valentine’s Day. She won the item on the 14th, but with her hospital stay, it took a few days before we could handle the payment for the item (just sitting at a computer long enough!) I spent much of the night after getting home watching parts of the video, before reading and bedtime.

Both yesterday afternoon and this morning were “training days” – where the same individual that has now been here for two months, but is not quite coherent enough to be on their own. It has been a bit frustrating for the “vetrans” of the office since we have to adjust our schedules to still hold the hands and guide them with the system – when most of us were fully on our own after two months! So that has been the fun at work, and why my “training day” posts have usually been very brief.

So, I’ve gotten the new video, am happy to say I have started reading a new book (finally), and have my wife riding to work with me again. Happy times, that are due to be getting better – especially once I start plowing through some of the projects that have been haunting me for a few days!

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Gate of the Year…

I swung over to check out Neil Peart’s page, which has received a December update, where he mentions a poem “The Gate of The Year.” (The poem itself comes off, on first read as a bit depressing as it talks about death, but is also encouraging for those of Christian faith as it suggests that God is the light and the guide… read it for yourself, and see what you think here: .)

Anyway, the poem aside, the opening couplet is a great image to me:
“I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year /
‘Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.'”

Since we are into the last half of December, we are at this year’s gate… in two weeks we will be starting 2007, and the events that shall be unfolded within that year (and beyond, but I prefer to be a little on the short-sighted side for events – longer term for planning)…

Just a bit of philosophy to start the week, I guess. I just felt the need to write about that poem. On a different note, I actually remembered my flash drive today, so I can try to put more words down either towards the novel, or do some work on another project (notes and outline for an older project that I have been tinkering with)….

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