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Theme Music… From the Clouds

Days like this, when the lighting is just right against the clouds, it tends to bring music to my mind…

Namely, the Simpson’s theme song.

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Sunny Days

Sometimes it can be the simple things – a clear day, good company – and a chance to catch a good image every once in a while… I’ll post the story behind this in a bit, but here’s the image, for now.

Update (10-15-07)
Mary Catherine and I had gone to WalMart, so she could get her oil changed, and so we could get a few other things as well. It was wonderful Saturday afternoon, and (as you can see) the sky was clear, with bright billowy clouds scattered and dotting the sky.

While we were driving back to the house, we say part of a rainbow – only a fraction of one, in contrast to the white of the cloud. The rainbow seemed to grow and shrink, depending on the viewing angle we had of the cloud – but we never saw any more than that (no legs) – nothing other than what was visible against the cloud. We attempted catching it (digitally), and this was one of the better pictures (from what I could tell). Simple things…

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Signs, signs… Everywhere there’s Signs…

I had previously talked about bumper stickers. This is when it gets fun, and impossible to really take the driver too seriously (which is how it should be, anyway, right?) I saw this van today on my way back from lunch. What this picture does NOT show is the row of stickers running up the sides of the vehicle.

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Where there is room in the back seat…

So… The idea is that a Mini is not supposed to have a lot of room, which Is true – the trunk space is rather limited. When there’s just one person though, there is actually plenty of room for a few errands around town. My plan was to go to PetSmart to get a 40# bag of dog food, but I got caught by a train and ended up detouring to another store. This is just one side of the back seat (the other is completely empty).

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Hello, world… Let’s motor!

Here’s the Mini… There will be bonnet stripes added, but it drives very well… I’m still needing some practice in starting on slight inclines, but I’m getting the hang of it pretty well…

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Well… I am slowly getting used to the Mini… The whole “stop-to-go” thing is still taking some time to get used to… Hills are iffy, too.

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