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Expanding the Stable

So there has been news swirling around the household for the past few months, and there’s a bittersweet edge to it. My step-father died in early October from complications after surgery. Two weeks before, right after his surgery, he at least knew the news.

We are expecting.

Hence the subtlety of the title… We made a big deal a few years ago about having a baby dragon. This time around, the delivery will be during the Year of the Horse… Stable… Get it? When MC first made the announcement on her Facebook account, they read it as an actual equine addition.

Only, it’s not just an addition. It’s a pair.

That’s right, twins. But we didn’t find that out until late-October.

For the first pregnancy, we didn’t find out the gender until he emerged. At the time, we said that IF we were to have another one, we would find out. With twins, the decision was guaranteed. Which was today. Would there be a filly and a stallion? A pair of stallions? A pair of fillies? Inquiring family members wanted to know.

We found out this morning.

Officially: A pair of stallions are due for arrival at the stable sometime in the spring.

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Celebrating 5 Years

On this date, five years ago, Marry Catherine and I were married.
Here’s to many, many more.

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Birthday Wishes…

My wife’s birthday was yesterday. Here I was, planning on being all ahead of the curve and declaring my love for her on Valentine’s Day AND witshing her a happy birthday. I had started putting this togehter some three weeks ago, and then “other things happened”… I had the video picked out, but the words of eloquence got sidetracked, and I forgot to flip the switch…

Sweetie, I’m sorry THIS piece is a day late, but this one’s for you

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Celebrating 5 Years

Five years ago today – a Wednesday even – I first met the woman who would become my (second) wife. It wasn’t an overtly planned thing – we had met online and decided to meet in person at a local Mexican restaurant for chips and tea. I had only been a widower for a very short time and was just looking for people to hang out with – to get me out of my head and help to keep me from slinking into whatever dark places 30-year old widowers might find themselves in.

But something interesting happened.

We talked for close to two hours, and made plans to get together over the weekend for dinner.

And she cancelled.

But she agreed to try dinner again the next week.

Then she talked to her neighbor, someone I had worked with, and his wife, and it went something like this:
MCC: Do you know Jeff Evans?
Neigbors: Oh, yeah, great guy. Why?
MCC: We met last week, and –
Neighbors: When you go out again, can we go with you? We haven’t seen him in a while and want to catch up.
MCC: Um, okay, sure. How about dinner, [day, time and place]?

And that was it. MC and I started hanging out together regularly, going from a few times a week to daily over the summer, and have been together ever since. I think the longest we’ve actually been apart in that time has been about a week.

Sound sappy? Probably, but she is one of the best things that has happened to me, and I’m truly grateful every day that we found each other – especially since our paths probably crossed several, several times during our years in college without meeting.

Even Wayne Brady gave me props.


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May Flowers…

Happy May! Come what May! May Day! Cinco de Mayo! Bastille Day! A little free association to get started this morning… on this 1st of May.

Exams are almost over (the true “finals” for my classes are next week), and I’ve almost finished what I plan on submitting… some “reflections” for the Teaching Portfolio, and fleshing out and “naturalizing” a baseball game that I’ve got in the script (Red Sox vs. Yankees double header, 1904, for the AL Pennant on the last day of the season – Sox leading by 1.5 games – playing in New York)… I’ve got the main events down, but I want to flesh it out, add some chatter to keep it interesting, and draw out the “at bat” moments for a better read (and more game-like). As it is now, I’ve cut a 3-hour double header to four pages – maybe 15-20 minutes, depending on how the shots would be put together…

In other news, I have finished book # 13 for the year, which after 4 months puts me well ahead of the curve. Also, I have been keeping a daily journal… personal notes and writing thoughts, etc. which has helped establish a routine… one I hope to transition into, adding actual prose content as well once the classes are over… five days from now…

And it yet other news… MC and I have now been in our house for a year… We signed papers last April… woot!

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I’m Back…

Just in time for the new year… well, not really, since we’re almost a week after the ball has dropped… but I (we) have returned from our South American honeymoon. To many things that I would like to try and post, but I am and work, and don’t have everything lined up that I would like to say (including pictures, etc.)… so that will have to be pending….

I also need to make some corrections and updates, with regards to the “movies watched and books read” items, but that will also come in the “recap” post. As will the “2009 Resolutions” be in the works… I’m working on the “To Do” list as I type this, and it is just going to take a bit of time to put it all together…

Right, now it’s off to Flickr, to get a space ready for pictures…

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This will likely be the final “active” post of 2008…  I do have a few entries that will post in my absence, but today is the day that I think was mentioned several months ago… my wedding to Mary Catherine.

I am putting this together in a little bit of the downtime preceding the events this evening…  And tomorrow we leave the country for two weeks, and will not be that close to a computer (rather… blogging will be lower on the priority list during those two weeks…)…
Adios for now… I’ll post again upon the return…

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