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Wounded Returns… Explaining the silence.

Hello, all!

It is with a pained heart that I return to my posting – the last two weeks (note the gap!) have been as close to a personal hell as I want to get. When people get married, it is accepted and understood that the day will eventually arrive when someone will pass away and the partner will have to continue on. On 12 March, 2007, my wife and better half passed away due to a pulmonary embolism (“throwing a clot” as the jargon goes) – a side effect of her broken leg. The next few weeks will undoubtably be some of the roughest – our first date was on 1 April 1999, and our wedding annivarsary would be on 16 April… this would be our second anniversary.

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Rest and Recovery

Despite getting out early yesterday, we spent a lot of time in town, not getting home until after 9pm. It was good for my wife, I think, because she was able to spend some time with one of her cousins and also around the horses (which she has barely seen since “the incident”).

On a happier note, as far as the reading front goes, I am happy to report that I am trying to make some headway towards making up for the ridiculous amount of time that it took me to read my last book (disclaimer – it was not a bad book, I just let myself get sidetracked for over a month before picking it back up). Yesterday alone I spun through about 130 pages (the fact that the book is built to be read that way doesn’t hurt, either), dropping me at the 260 page range, and leaving me about 300 pages to go.

I have three more books stacked, waiting to be read after this one – and one of those is the start of a series (so, if I like it, then I can start working through the series – which has about twenty books in it so far…)

I need to write, however… those projects have been languishing in abandonment, staring at me with droopy eyes, though chain link fences from inside their concrete kennels. Faint whimpers and moans echo from their cages as they clamor and yip for attention as people walk past, as if to say, “Pick me! Pick me!”

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A New Month!

Now that March has arrived, there is a new buzz going ’round. Spring will be here soon, and there will soon be an earlier day (courtesy of the change in Daylight Savings). I am able to report a little more than yesterday, as I am not having to train this afternoon (yeah!).

My wife has an appointment tomorrow – hopefully she will be able to get her cast, despite being classified as “non-weight bearing” for a few more weeks. She’s been anxious for some stability, and to get out of the house – there’s only so much “Anna Nichole” drama that one can stand in one day – let alone the last two weeks!

I have not finished my currently active book (Ceasar’s Way), but I have been making headway in the book. Hopefully, I should be able to finish either tonight or tomorrow. I am looking forward to changing that part of the site after it’s been there for almost two months. Two months! I already have four more books lined up and ready to go… I’m thinking the next one will be Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons. I figure, I’ve read DaVinci, may as well go back to the first book in the series.

Be on the lookout for a few new items. I’ve been considering adding a “Routine” field… links to my daily routine and websites that I regularly visit. Consider it a little bit of insight while I can still have some fun 😉

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Friday and shaved legs

Yes, it is Friday. Unfortunately that means another day that is almost gone, but also a weekend of potential that lays ahead.

I ended up with the trainee all day yesterday, so what would have been an afternoon writing session was dashed to bits like old wooden ships off of the North Carolina coast.

My wife had her first follow up appointment today with an Orthopedist to track the progress of her broken leg. As the removed the bandages before taking her to get x-rays, we actually had our first opportunity to see the post oporation wounds – and actually the first time we had been able to see much of anything since wrapping it in the ED on the 14th.

She had two incisions – one on the interior of her leg, the other on the exterior. The interior was about four inches in length, while the exterior ran about nine inches. The incisions were stapled together – the lines looked like strings of pink caulk that staples had been put through.

“It’s a good thing I had shaved my legs the night before,” she had joked through gritted teeth while we were in the ED. “That’s good,” was one of the nurse’s reply, “since it will be the last time for about the next six to eight weeks.”

At today’s appointment, we followed up on that joke. “At least you won’t have to worry about shaving those two lines,” I jested. She responded, “Well, those are the areas I usually miss, anyway, so it works out.”

Simple things to find humor in, right?

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Thursday, and updates…

Here we are, or Thursday, and I havbe a few updates… Admittedly, I will have MORE updates once I review my past posts about things I should write about…

Like this one: I found my flash drive, so I should be able to get some writing done today.

Or this one: A little more of the back story of the broken leg. My wife ended up having surgery on Friday, where they had to put in 2 plates, and handfull of pins, a couple of rods, and about twelve screws. The put her in a soft cast, wrapped it and (finally) got her a room in the hospital (she had stayed her first few nights in the ED).

PT, which had been planned for Saturday ended up not happening until Sunday morning. By late Sunday afternoon, we were rolling to the house. She is now experiencing the joys (yeah, right) and frustrations (a lot) of waiting for bones to heal, and having limited movement/mobility.

Now I need to log some words… with other projects already planned for me for tonight… at least I will get a chance to read (I feel bad… I’ve been stuck in the same book for almost two months… I’ve got some serious churning to do if I want to reach the 26-30 book goal for the year… ouch!)

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Where has time gone?

Not much to report at the moment – for lack of time, not information. Most of the weekend was spent in or around the hospital, and Friday was more “hurry up and wait” (in the tradition of Thursday!), so I was a bit out of the mindset for writing. Come to think of it, I didn’t really think of a lot of things over the weekend, writing related. Under the circumstances, though, I think the response is, “Can you blame me?”

I will try to follow up and post more later… there is good news, however. My wife is out of the hospital (but still quite a ways from being able to go home). Yeah, I think.

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The Day After…

Hello, world! (Hope that takes any [former] programmers or students back a few years… 🙂

I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was good for you, and that it went better than mine. (For those that don’t practice, I hope you were able to avoid the abundant crowds that were out last night… whatever makes you happy!)

Personally, the evening started well. My wife and I left work, and I took her to a local cafe for a treat (Kid’s Rule #47: If at all possible, eat dessert first!) before heading to the barn. She had been wanting the dessert for a few weeks, so I figured I’d surprise her (which I did!). We had planned to skip “dinner out” last night, waiting until tonight for that (1 – smaller crowds, 2 – after payday!), so she had decided to make dinner for me last night (on the heels of the chocolate).

Well, after the dessert, we went to the barn to visit her horse and pasture mates. It was getting close to 6pm, so we were going to feed and blanket the horses, then head for the house (via the grocery store) for dinner.

As we were getting ready to feed – I was taking hay around to the other side of the pasture (the barn is split, where there are two run-in shelters – one on either side of the structure, each facing into a pasture. With each side is also a room, each has feed for the horses on the respective sides, but one also holds the hay, the other room stores equipment – the “tack room” for those that know horses.) to be ready for my feed routine (have the hay, then feed, blankets while they eat, then drop the hay after finishing the blankets).

I had not even crossed the space between fences when my wife starts screaming. I’m thinking that she had seen something in the hay/feed room, but when I come around, she is laying on the ground by the door. Somehow she had managed to step wrong and rolled her foot. To be more specific, she stepped REALLY wrong, and well… lets just say we spent most of the night in the Emergency Department of the hospital. As I am writing this, she is still in the ED, awaiting surgery (three breaks, and a dislocation!). Her mother stayed with her last night, as our brood was still roaming (3 dogs still outside, not yet fed, and 2 cats that were also waiting for food).

The saga has gotten more interesting, this morning. The original thought for the surgery was going to be sometime today (target of sometime this morning), but that doctor ends up being out sick, so it looks like they may end up waiting until tomorrow for surgery.

Here is the funny (twisted/ironic) side to this… last night was the first night since we were married that we were not together – and it was Valentine’s Day! It was weird to have the feeling of “quiet” in the house, and the patter-click of dogs walking around on carpet then tile floors. It was freaky, and felt unnatural – there was a momentary flicker of “so this is like part of what people go through when a spouse dies” – then I’m not looking forward to the idea way down the road.

I don’t think it’s the seperation so much that bothered me, but the fact that there was no control and no clear plan for resolving her condition. I’m sure we will be spending nights apart in the future, but I hope that there aren’t many more like these…

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