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Surprises Over Potter

It has been several years since I first read Sorcerer’s Stone, but I recently reread it (as a class requirement). Personally, I forgot some of the details from the book, and when we watched the movie (again, in class), I was thinking about how the items were abridged for the movie.

However, in the course of the discussion (namely, why it has been considered contoversial), someone mentioned the ending to book seven… part of it, anyway. There were students in the class that were like, “What? Harry what….?” I, personally, was shocked at their reaction. First, with the amount of press that the book received…. Second, um, hello… based on the sales it had, you are telling me that you haven’t read it yet?

What rock have they been under?

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Projects, Prospects and Potter…

OK… it’s been a few days (alright, about a week… lots of things going on) since my last update. My writing projects have been staggeringly sparse (in case you couldn’t tell)… I’ve been thinking a lot, just not putting pen to paper. I’ve been reading a lot, and watching a lot (of movies, granted), and trying to be social.

In other projects, I’ve finally gotten some of the “frequent public rooms” into a state of easy maintenance (or, at least into a routine to keep it simple)… and I have started testing the waters of the now infamous “back room” – the one that is supposed to be a guest room, but hasn’t been able to host a guest since the wedding (*cough* two *ahem* years ago *cough*). It is slow going (mostly, throwing my hands up in despair over the amount of stuff to go through… a lot of it mine, but requiring other things to be moved/dealt with first)… And there’s a bunch of things that I know I’m going to let go (a TON of vinyl, amazingly enough – records, not clothes – but I’m trying to stream the albums to convert them to MP3… at least the ones that I really think might be interesting to have (call me a music addict – I may not listen to it now, or for years to come, but if it will only take a few grains of sand, then what the hell, why not?)

Prospects – are interesting… I have several things on the burner (book wise, which contributes to inspiration, which will hopefully lead to writing and story ideas)… but also other things on the burner in other areas (some already mentioned)… and I’ll just leave them at that, for now…

Finally, Potter… Yes, I have finished the final book. Here’s my spoiler, if you are reading this without having finished the book – people live, people die, and there are several interesting plot twists and resolutions to and recycling of story elements that started way back in the series. In all, it was a very good book (however, when it comes time for the movie script to be done, I feel sorry for the poor soul having to write the script – too much in the book that just HAS to be addressed or screams to be shot [filmed] to be left out – that it will be a long movie…)

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Potter, porn (?) and productivity…

1) Hurrah! The publication date for Potter 7 has finally been announced (July – if you haven’t heard yet, go to to read up on the specifics). Consider me a bit of a goober-head in that respect, but the series has done well, and has been one that I have enjoyed reading. If you don’t like it… Too Bad… and nener-nener!

2) Porn… or more to the point, percieved images. I figure since I’m mentioning the last Potter book, I might as well mention something about the fervor over Daniel Radcliffe and the fact that he is getting ready to perform *gasp* nude in a production of Equus in London. People are concerned about how it might impact the Harry Potter franchise.

Leave it to the press/media to blow things WAY out of proportion (as usual, right?) First off, the production is in London. On a stage. Unless you live IN London, there will likely not be a big impact. If you DO live in London, and you want to see the production, go for it. The only reason there is this much attention is the fact that Radcliffe is seen as the personification of the character, thanks to the movies.

Second, the target audience for the movies and the books has primarily been teenagers (with a strong second following as “family” entertainment). Equus, last time I checked, was not exactly rated “E” for Everyone.

Third, Daniel is an ACTOR. If he wants to stretch his… um, well if he wants to diversify his acting resume, so be it. How about the media leave some of the “B” list headlines under the rocks where they scavenged them from, right?

*Disclaimer: I am not saying that Radcliffe is a “B” actor, just the fact that he is choosing to perform in a production that will require some nude work, and the spectacle that it is being elevated to is a “B” grade story.

3) Productivity is a wonderful thing. I need to increase mine in my other projects. THe flip side, here, however, is that I have almost made it the to 100 post mark (woohoo!!) Not long ago, I was getting warm and fuzzy for maintaining some consistancy and making it to the whopping threshold of 50 posts. My reason for counting by posts, is that I have generally been only posting about one entry per day (during the week, but none on weekends), so by me counting “posts”, there can be a rough approximation of months that I have been actively posting.

The analytical translation: (# of posts) divided by (20) = (months posting)

I arrived at “20” being the magic number, since I generally have not posted on weekends (yet), there are about 8 days per month that are automatically eliminated, leaving about 20 to actually have posts made.

Sound geeky? Probably. In the grand scheme, that’s part of who I am. Consider me a Class A geek, compared to Wil Wheaton’s self proclaimed major league. I’m not bashing Wil, I’m just admitting that I am, indeed, a geek as well.

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