The Year In Words (The Reading List): 2017-

The one constant for a writer, besides actually, you know, writing stuff, is reading stuff.  This is the running list of books that have been run through during the year, as well as years past.

How it works: The books are listed under the year completed, by when they were completed (older at the bottom).  If it’s a book I have read before, it will be marked as “reread.”  This also assumes I’m reading a “dead-tree edition” unless there is an “(E)” next to it, for an ebook edition, or an “(A)” to indicate an Audiobook. “GN” indicates Graphic Novels or comic omnibus editions.

Due to the nature of my habits and my “To Be Read” stack, I am no longer listing the ones in progress, only the books that have been completed.

2019: 39 (17 Audiobook)

Adam Savage: Every Tools’ A Hammer (A)
Dan Wells: I Don’t Want to Kill You Jack Campbell: The Lost Fleet: Dauntless (A)
John Scalzi: Zoe’s Tale Myke Cole: Shadow Ops: Control Point
V. M. Burns: Wed, Read & Dead Iain M. Banks: The State of the Art
Kevin J. Anderson & Martin L. Shoemaker: On Being a Dictator (E) Dan Wells: Mr. Monster
Roger Fisher & William Ury: Getting to Yes Myke Cole: The Armored Saint
Elizabeth Bear: Karen Memory Megan Barnhard: Recipe for Outlining (E)
Virginia Hanlon Grohl: From Cradle to Stage Mick Wall: Foo Fighters: Learning to Fly
Jim Butcher: Dead Beat (A) V. M. Burns: The Novel Art of Murder
Paula McLain: A Mind of Her Own (A) Dan Wells: Zero G (A)
Leslie Odom, Jr.: Failing Up (A) Charlaine Harris: Dead in Dallas (A)
Tom Hanks: Uncommon Type (A) Dana K. White: Decluttering at the Speed of Life (A)
Brandon Sanderson: Alcatraz vs The Shattered Lens (A) Charles Olivier: Christmas Eve 1914 (A)
Marie Brennan: A Natural History of Dragons (A) Jon Acuff: Finish (A)
Jonathan Maberry: Lullaby (A) Jim Butcher: Blood Rites (A)
Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega (GN) Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key, Vol. 5: Clockworks (GN)
Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key, Vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom (GN) Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key, Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows (GN)
Theresa Brown, RN: The Shift (A) Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key, Vol. 2: Head Games (GN)
Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft (GN) Joshua Becker: The More of Less (A)
Jim Butcher: Side Jobs Mean Streets (Novella Anthology)*

*Authors: Jim Butcher, Simon R. Green, Kat Richardson, Thomas E. Sniegoski – No singular Editor credit on the book, only the individual authors listed. Seemed a bit silly to try cramming all of them into one column for the list. Predominantly read during December 2018, but not actually finished until late in the day on 1 January 2019, so it starts the new year’s list of finished titles.

2018: 63 (33 Audiobook)

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jim Butcher: Brief Cases
Steven Pressfield: The War of Art (A) Col. Chris Hadfield: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth (A)
Charlaine Harris & Toni L.P. Kelner (Ed.): Wolfsbane and Mistletoe Jim Butcher & Kerrie L. Hughes (Ed.): Shadowed Souls
Jim Butcher: Working for Bigfoot Mickey Rapkin: Pitch Perfect
Brandon Sanderson: Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds Brandon Sanderson: Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystalia (A)
Ursula K. Le Guin: Steering the Craft Martha Wells: Exit Strategy
Jim Butcher: Death Masks (A) Kevin Hearne: Scourged (A)
Charlaine Harris: Dead Until Dark (A) Carrie Vaughn: Kitty’s Greatest Hits
Kevin Hearne: Beseiged V. M. Burns: Read Herring Hunt
Anna Kendrick: Scrappy Little Nobody (A) Nicholas Sansbury Smith: Hell Divers (A)
Laurie Lamson (Ed.): Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror V. M. Burns: The Plot is Murder
Martha Wells: Rogue Protocol Kevin Hearne: Staked (A)
Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor (A) Catherynne M. Valente: Six-Gun Snow White
Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule (A) Kevin Hearne: Shattered (A)
Chris Fox: Plot Gardening (E) Martha Wells: Artificial Condition
John Scalzi: Fuzzy Nation (A) Greg Renoff: Van Halen Rising (A)
Martha Wells: All Systems Red Amy Poehler: Yes Please (A)
Jaye Wells: Deadly Spells Dominik Parisien & Navah Wolfe (Ed.): Robots vs Fairies
Kevin Hearne: Hunted (A) Ray Bradbury: The Martian Chronicles (A)
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express (A) Jim Butcher: Summer Knight (A)
Simon Winchester: The Professor and the Madman (A) Lee Child: No Middle Name
Kevin Hearne: Trapped (A) Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves: Emotional Intelligence 2.0
Susan Hill: The Woman in Black (A) Tony Vanderwarker: Writing With The Master
H.G. Wells: The Island of Dr. Moreau (A) Michael Crichton: The Great Train Robbery (A)
Ursula K Le Guin with David Naimon: Conversations on Writing Kevin Hearne: Tricked (A)
Cherie Priest: Clementine Trevor Noah: Born a Crime (A)
Fumio Sasaki, Eriko Sugita (trans.): Goodbye, Things (A) John Scalzi: The Last Colony
Brandon Sanderson: Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener’s Bones (A) Danielle Krysa: Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk (A)
Kevin Hearne: Hammered (A) Jaye Wells: Cursed Moon
Cary Elwes: As You Wish… (A) Ron Lieber: The Opposite of Spoiled (A)
Shawn Achor: The Happiness Advantage John Scalzi: Don’t Live for Your Obituary
 Charles Stross: Dark State Alan Cumming: You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams (A)

2017:   55 (43 Audiobook)

Dan Wells: I Am Not a Serial Killer (E)
Philip K Dick: The Man in the High Castle (E) Carrie Fisher: The Princess Diarist (A)
William McRaven, Adm. USN (Ret): Make Your Bed (A) Neil Gaiman: Coraline (A)
Marshall Goldsmith: Triggers (A) Brian McClellan: In the Field Marshal’s Shadow (A)
Haemin Sunim: The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down (A) Kevin J. Anderson: The Dragon Business (A)
Cory Doctorow: Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free (A) Simon R. Green: Something From the Nightside (A)
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (A) Scott Westerfeld: Leviathan (A)
Chuck Wendig: Damn Fine Story Chris Bailey: The Productivity Project (A)
Neil Gaiman: Norse Mythology (A) Brandon Sanderson: Steelheart (A)
Joe Haldeman: The Forever War Jennifer Worth: Shadows of the Workhouse (A)
Charles Duhigg: The Power of Habit Anne McCaffrey: Dragonflight (A)
Jay Kristoff: Nevernight Tim Powers: On Stranger Tides (A)
Tom Standage: A History of the World in Six Glasses (A) Lisa TerKeurst: Unglued (A)
Charles Stross: The Fuller Memorandum Richard Kadrey: Sandman Slim (A)
 Mary Robinette Kowal: Ghost Talkers (A) Mary Roach: Packing for Mars (A)
 Matt Bird: The Secrets of Story (A) Charles Stross: Empire Games
Brandon Sanderson: Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians (A) Felicia Day: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) (A)
Stephen King: The Gunslinger (A) Sean Stephenson: Get Off Your ‘But’ (A)
Karen S. Wiesner: Writing the Fiction Series Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter: Hamilton: The Revolution (A)*
Bob Proctor & Sandra Gallagher: The Art of Living (A) Neil Fiore: The Now Habit (A)
Margot Leitman: Long Story Short (A) Brian Kilmeade & Don Yeager: George Washington’s Secret Six (A)
Jaye Wells: Dirty Magic (E) Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse Five (A)
Mary Roach: Grunt (A) Tim O’Brien: The Things They Carried (A)
Alan Cumming: Not My Father’s Son (A) Grady Hendrix: Horrorstör (A)
 Neil Gaiman: The View from the Cheap Seats Jim Butcher: The Aeronaut’s Windlass
Richard Matheson: I Am Legend (A) A Monster Calls: Patrick Ness (A)
John F. Kennedy: Profiles in Courage (A) James A Owen: Drawing Out the Dragons (A)
Mary Robinette Kowal: Forest of Memory (A) Hans Christian Anderson: The Snow Queen (A)

* Technically, I stopped listening during the “Annotations” part of the audiobook. It’s not that the material was bad, but it takes the notes out of context, and is better served by following with a copy of the text to understand what is being referenced.

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