SPT: Winter Woods

For those in the picture above, winter is here*, which means a whole other world of challenges.

Who are they? Are they just three people out, or are there more “off-screen”? [If there are more – are these three a scout party, or stragglers at the end?]

Why are they in the woods, anyway? And in winter? Are they lost? Heading home? Heading for battle?

Then what happens? Now write it…


First impressions:
The prologue/opening of Game of Thrones, naturally, is one of the first examples that comes to mind.

But, think of possible historical examples: the American Revolution – the harsh winter conditions and the struggle for survival before the tide turned. French forces leading into Waterloo (or, perhaps, stragglers after). Or, how about the Christmas Truce of 1914 (just sans firearms)?


* I wanted to make a more specific Game of Thrones reference there, for anyone caught up – technically, I’m not, but I’ve watched the last few episodes of Season 6. I thought, however, that to do so might really change how people approached the image. Doesn’t change the fact that the reference is still there…
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