SPT: Outpost

What is this place? What is it used for? Why would someone be sent here? Is the assignment a choice? (If so, why would someone opt for it?) How many are here, normally? Now, how many are here for the sake of the story (and why)?

Now…how do things change? (Or, how do things get worse?)

Then what happens?

Now write it…

A few examples this prompt suggests/reminds me of:

  • The Martian – One man, let for dead when a research mission gets scrapped, has to survive until he can be rescued.
  • Game of Thrones – Jon Snow going to the Wall/joining the Night’s Watch, to establish his own abilities/identity away from his “bastard” status
  • Pitch Black – An ship crashes on a remote planet, finding an outpost abandoned two decades before, only to discover why it became abandoned – right as the phenomenon is due to happen again.
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