SPT: Into the Storm

This vaguely suggests something to me related to my current WIP, which in turn is suggesting a prompt more about world-building before character.

Consider the craft on the left: How big is it? (Is it a transport? Shuttle-sized? Think orders of scale, compared to the planet below.) How fast can it travel? What is it used for? How many people are on board (or, how many can it hold)?

How dense is the cloud cover, normally? Is that hole in the cloud a fixed phenomena, or from some other event? What about the ground cover? Does it thin out the closer to the lightning point?

Now, for the characters: Are they going for research, to check out the phenomenon, or the impact of the “other event*” on the area, or to stop it? Is this journey a “random” discovery, or a plot point later in the story? If you didn’t establish it earlier – how many people are on the craft?

Now what happens?


* “Other event” – like the planet-destroying weapon of the Abrams Star Trek, or the space bridges from G-1 Transformers cartoons, to name a few…
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