SPT: Craft in Transit

Are the crafts landing, or leaving? Why? What do they represent (colonization, exodus, or something else)?

The people in the foreground, what is their reaction? They appear to be nomadic, or on a journey, at least – seeking the ships, or to avoid them?

Consider the two central figures – what appears to be a man and a little girl. What is their relationship (Father/daughter? Guardianship? Other?)?

I’m going to suggest a multiple POV experiment, here. First, pick one of the two central figures [simply because they seem to suggest the best story, choose a different one if you wish]. Next, create someone to represent the ships. What is the point of conflict between the two? Now spin out the threads of that story.

Three examples:
My first impressions:
A) the ships represent the arrival of some nefarious force, and the people are part of a resistance movement, trying to get to a safe haven before the ships land.
B) The world is dying, and the ships represent the chance to escape, and the party is trying to catch the last flights out.

But after a little consideration…
What if there is some one or thing that needs to be found, and has been traced to this planet and the ships represent corporate power vs the small group. [see: Ready Player One or The Force Awakens]

Now go write…

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