SPT: Derelict?

Let’s spin out a scenario, first, instead of going to the characters.

What is the big thing on the right: a ship? Space Station? Giant mecha floating in space? Consider the scattered debris in the picture: is it related to the thing on the right, or is it just space junk that happens to be in the same (rough) orbit?

Now, the craft on the right – by comparison the the thing on the right, it looks more like a shuttle. Is it? Is there a larger craft it might have come from – a rescue or scouting mission, perhaps – or is it a fully functional cruiser in its own right (think the Mil Falcon)? Why are they there? If not a rescue or scouting mission, what else?

If you haven’t already been thinking about it, this is where we start exploring the characters – depending on the relationship made between the objects will influence the kind of story you’re leaning toward and type of characters you might need. Mil SF? Space Opera? Horror/Ghost Story?

Now…continue to ask the questions, and write.

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