SPT: Cities of Mystery

First, about the image. It is from Elmore’s own site, hence the watermark. If you’re interested in buying a copy of the print, click the image to take care of that over there.

Second: The “old gamers” among you might recognize the piece as the cover art for the 2nd Ed Forgotten Realms supplement of the same name (hence the extra space above and below the central image – for the branding placements).

Now: Let’s look JUST at the image… there are four characters in play. Who are they? What is their relationship?

Consider the two in shadows for a moment. Are they working as a team? Willingly or by force? Does the human know the others? Does the beast know them and have a score to settle (or is it working under other nefarious orders)?

About the “victims”: What is their connection? What is their background that they are actually listening – what are they being told/offered/asked for?

Let’s consider this in the context of a larger story: would this serve as an inciting incident to bigger things? A mid-to-late story event? Perhaps a final, brazen attempt by the beast to claim victory (why else attempt something in broad daylight)?) What events might lead to this encounter, then unfold from it?

Now, develop and write.

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