SPT: The Face-off

Conflict makes for story… Here we have the woman with the pistol, and the man (?) on the left, with a sword. Note their posture. She’s cocky, not afraid of him. His could easily be underscored with, “Seriously?” They obviously know each other in some way – which is what makes a story stronger. It naturally raises the narrative stakes when it’s revealed that the hero and the villain had some long-ago connection (see the 1989 Tim Burton Batman, for example, where it’s posited that the Joker is the one that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, which sets up the inevitable final showdown).

Which brings up back to the above image: How do they know each other? What is their relationship like? Is this the moment when they divide, following their own paths, or a moment when they are forced back together? Perhaps they don’t know each other (initially), and this is their meet-cute – and they then have to work together… To what end? What are their skills, and what would they need to tackle?

Now develop that…

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