SPT: In the Canyon

 Judging from the greenery, it’s obvious that a lot of time has passed since whatever this one was has been used… but that begs the question – what was this? Some sort of communications array? A base for a Space Elevator? It seems to be in the middle of an abandoned settlement (or do you see them surrounding structures as simply rock structures)? Or is it part of a launchpad with remains of a crashed ship?

Now look closely, at the bottom left corner, near the lip of the crater (on that sunlit gray panel). Two arrivals… Who are they? What brings them to this place? Are they surprised at what they find, or are they used to it? Even if they’re used to seeing it (from a distance, etc), is it their first time venturing this close? Is their arrival a good thing, or are they nervous? What’s in or around the place? How do they get in? Wait…look there, just left of center… Is that a rope bridge?

What happens next?

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