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Hug Your Kids…

MC and I have friends and, being the age that we are, most of them have at least one child. One of them, unfortunately, no longer does. Wednesday night, they put their two-month old to bed, and during the night he managed to roll over. He never rolled back.

To have all of that routine – the sounds and laughter, play and discovery – surrounding a child suddenly stopped… I just can’t fathom what they might be going through.

Our own eldest was similar, preferring to sleep on his stomach (much like his father), and this was a constant fear we had, only magnified when the twins arrived…

For those of you with that have them, hug your kids every chance you get, even if they’re moody teens or grumpy middle-agers, but especially if they are really young. Give them all the love you can.


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PF: Rio by Bus


Taken December, 2008. This was taken while riding on a bus, but I’m fuzzy if this was just after our arrival (when we were being taken to a hotel to wait for the cruise ship to arrive in port – it was late due to weather), or if it was during the ride to the port to get on the ship.

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