SPT: Field Repairs

I have a thing for Mechs*… I never really played BattleTech or MechWarrior back in the day, but was always fascinated by the various manuals and Mech designs (maybe it stems from getting one of these kits as a kid).

The above image is a challenge, but here are a few questions to consider:

What is the context, here? Is this in the middle of combat zone? In a training scenario? A single sentry responsible for patrollinga perimeter around a secret/concealed facility? Are the three people all the crew for the Mech [all riding at once – pilot with gunners, for example, or all three pilots running the same machine in shifts]. or is one the pilot and the other ground crew (with their transportation, or access to the lair, out of frame)?

About the Mech… is it a single, integrated body, or is the central cockpit chassis able to be removed – like a small shuttle/ground vehicle, should the legs become damaged?

What sort of relationship do the three individuals have?

Now… how does the above scene progress, and what happens next?

* I am aware that the correct, non-game specific terminology should probably be mecha, but a) that’s the first way I encountered the concept almost 30 years ago. Old habits die hard.
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