A few months ago, back in the fall, I stumbled across a product called a “Traveler’s Notebook.” I was impressed by both the simplicity and versatility of the design. As a writer, it definitely piqued my interest, especially checking the all-important “highly portable” box in the list of desirable qualities. (I’m currently running with a 9×6″ spiral notebook for the longhand draft of pages for the current WIP, and use slightly smaller journals for notes & world-building for other projects, but that could mean carrying multiple volumes at any given time… which can get…unwieldy, especially if working on more than one project.)

But I was reluctant to order one, wanting to make sure it would be something that I could commit to using. It’s a writer thing, I think… there’s an “ooh, shiny” factor to cool loking journals and notebooks, but I have plenty on my shelf that need to be filled before I can justify adding more. So, instead of getting the set-up, I picked up a few of the refills a month ago, hoping to give them a test run for future blog posting. They are, sadly, still in their packaging.

In the meantime, here’s a Youtube review that helped me understand the “system,” yet appealed to the minimalist sensibilities that I’m trying to foster.

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