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SPT: In the Canyon

¬†Judging from the greenery, it’s obvious that a lot of time has passed since whatever this one was has been used… but that begs the question – what was this? Some sort of communications array? A base for a Space Elevator? It seems to be in the middle of an abandoned settlement (or do you see them surrounding structures as simply rock structures)? Or is it part of a launchpad with remains of a crashed ship?

Now look closely, at the bottom left corner, near the lip of the crater (on that sunlit gray panel). Two arrivals… Who are they? What brings them to this place? Are they surprised at what they find, or are they used to it? Even if they’re used to seeing it (from a distance, etc), is it their first time venturing this close? Is their arrival a good thing, or are they nervous? What’s in or around the place? How do they get in? Wait…look there, just left of center… Is that a rope bridge?

What happens next?

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Superheroes on MVM

The Script, with a video filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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PF: Vineyard Flowers


Taken on Martha’s Vineyard, October 2012.

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SPT: At the Gates…

Looking past to semi-obvious Celtic/Viking elements, let’s consider the three people in the above image: Who are they? The person in white – a lone defender? A lone survivor? A conquering wizard? The poor, unlucky bastard sent out as bait for parlay? The greeter, welcoming the arrivals to the afterlife?

Likewise the arrivals on the left: Returning home? Lost travelers, seeking shelter? The (likewise) poor souls sent as bait for parlay? Recently departed warriors arriving at the next spiritual plane.

I like that one… Let’s consider the afterlife idea for a moment… what if they don’t want to be there – they want to return? What if it’s not where they were supposed to go…maybe they were pulled to another space, recruited for something. Are they the first to be selected? The ones that finally succeed…or that see through the plans to something else. Are these two people clansmen/somehow positively connected, or were the opponents in life, possibly responsible for each others deathblows. What if the (potentially nefarious) plans involve pitting the two against each other, maybe until they discover the shadiness, and grudgingly start working together…

Now, what if it’s not so much an “afterlife” but a dimensional shift…not necessarily vikings, but alien species. A “First Contact” or “Testing Humanity/[Other Species]” scenario, perhaps? Or something else entirely?

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Run on MVM

A year ago, I asked folks for some suggestions for (actual) Irish groups – besides U2 or the Cranberries – since I am no longer as reliant on radio discoveries like I used to be. Fellow VP 2012 alum Lauren Roy suggested this one, from Snow Patrol.

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Hug Your Kids…

MC and I have friends and, being the age that we are, most of them have at least one child. One of them, unfortunately, no longer does. Wednesday night, they put their two-month old to bed, and during the night he managed to roll over. He never rolled back.

To have all of that routine – the sounds and laughter, play and discovery – surrounding a child suddenly stopped… I just can’t fathom what they might be going through.

Our own eldest was similar, preferring to sleep on his stomach (much like his father), and this was a constant fear we had, only magnified when the twins arrived…

For those of you with that have them, hug your kids every chance you get, even if they’re moody teens or grumpy middle-agers, but especially if they are really young. Give them all the love you can.


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PF: Rio by Bus


Taken December, 2008. This was taken while riding on a bus, but I’m fuzzy if this was just after our arrival (when we were being taken to a hotel to wait for the cruise ship to arrive in port – it was late due to weather), or if it was during the ride to the port to get on the ship.

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SPT: Forest Face-Off

This is a simple-ish one, so here we go:

Who are the individuals above? Is there a relationship (rival families/clans/tribes)? Is one the hunter the other hunted (if so, who and why?), or is this just a random encounter? I this is a case of rivals, is this on “neutral” ground, or is one encroaching on the other? If encroaching – who and why?

What else might be going on?

What happens next?

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Vertigo on MVM

“Vertigo” was the lead single from U2’s 2004 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It was mainly known, at the time, as “that song from the iPod commercials,” so it was everywhere. It still kicks ass.

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PF: Wilderness Trail


I see this, and I feel like hopping on a mountain bike and finding some single-track. In reality, however, this is a pedestrian trail through part of the Denver Botanical Gardens, taken June 2010.

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