SPT: Airship Combat

I’ve recently started Jim Butcher’s The Aeronaut’s Windlass. One of the things that I find intriguing is the idea of aerial combat in a Steampunk setting.

So here’s the thing: What is the context of the above? Is this being observed by someone involved in the combat, or a documenting observer (like spectators on hills during the Civil War)? From another airship, on the ground, or some other elevated structure? Is this the culminating event of a longer conflict, or an inciting skirmish that changes the course of an ongoing event (like the Lusitania or Pearl Harbor)? Is it truly 4:1, or are there other ships that are just out of sight, joining the fight or fleeing? Is it a purely military conflict, or against pirates? Is the aim to capture, to destroy, or simply disable – possibly for a rescue mission?

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