Farewell, Frey

Damn, this year is starting out like shit. Bowie. Rickman. Now Glenn Frey.

I found this out late yesterday, when I was out with MC, and it was sheer accident that I saw it then. (The overhead radio where we were was playing Sirius XM’s “Coffeehouse” blend – acoustic versions of songs. An Eagles track had already played, we talked about it, and the conversation moved on. Later, there was a cover version of Queen’s “My Best Friend.” As I was searching on my phone, the mention of Frey’s passing showed up under “Related News.”)

The Eagles were already history (read: considered Classic Rock) by the time I was getting into music, and the members were already well established in their respective solo careers. Henley may have been the bigger name, but Frey was the one that seemed to have the higher profile – soundtrack appearances for Beverly Hills Cop, and for Miami Vice (which he also had a small character role on). His solo stuff was more rock-tuned, and he was the singer for most of the Eagles songs that I gravitated toward as “favorites.”

Time to queue up some Eagles, and hold a lighter high.


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