SPT: Kirkstall Abbey

So, here’s a real place.

As far as aesthetics, I’m a sucker for halls. (Yes, I realize the above is from a former church, but roll with me).

Forget what I just said about this being a church. Consider just the image of the structure – the stone, the path in the middle. Sky above – but what if it’s not?

What if this is an underground passage – either fully underground, or at an end? Of what – a secluded/lost settlement? A Necropolis? What’s between the columns? Altars for the dead? Residences?

Use the image as a skeleton – is it truly in that state? What if it were “new” – what would it look like? What sort of people would use such a space – what would it be used for? Continue as a church? A road through a narrow valley?

When/where is this being discovered – something a “native” resident is finding, but what if it’s someone displaced (think – time travel, or new discovery from a space traveler)?

(If you follow that link, scroll down to see a layout if you want to further translate the original location as well.)
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