2015 – In Review (the short version)

Time is…fleeting, and as there are still just over 26 hours left in 2015 [at the time I’m writing this], there are still things from the past year that I am pondering, and am not quite ready to commit to pixels. Or, at least, not quite ready to commit to heavy amounts of typing – yet.

As a brief recap, however, here are a few of the highlights that I plan on elaborating on in a later post, after we’ve crossed fully into 2016.

January – I was awarded my MFA in Writing Popular Fiction
March & May – Kids got older
Somewhere in there, I began an affair with Audiobooks
Summer – A whirlwind trip back to Seton Hill (this time with Mary Catherine along). And Chuck Wendig.*
July – I committed to a new writing project.
September – Signed up for Paradise Lost 6 (2016) Writing Workshop
November – I got older
December – Kool-Aid consumption – I upgraded to El Capitan (from Mountain Lion).

Specifically speaking to the writing component for a moment, this has been a year of discovery…of taking stock of myself, of what I want to accomplish, what stories I want to tell, and how I can best go about committing story…

Like I said at the beginning – borrowing from RHPS – time is fleeting. When I looked at the solid list of ideas that I’ve been tinkering with (stand-alones, planned trilogy arcs, potential series characters [small arcs with potential for more adventures]), there are at least 30 books. 30! So there has been a lot of focus on how I can maximize my opportunities for story development and getting words down.

That focus – on implementing and refining my process – will play a large part in my plans for 2016. Because words matter…stories matter. And I have stories to tell…

* Wendig was the guest speaker for the Summer 2015 Residency, so I was able to meet him, briefly, during his books signing after his night session.

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