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Ghosts of Christmas Past on MVM

With all of the political blatharations (here is the states) and bigger world issues going on, it’s hard to not be a bit morose this season… To that end, here are a few…I dunno, somber yet hopeful? Christmas songs…

First, from 1984: Band-Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

And the second is a video a bit more difficult to watch… John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is Over). I seem to remember there being a video of this, performed in a studio, surrounded by children. This is the “official” video (as of 2003)…

Yes, as dark as the images are, I do consider this one “hopeful.” It’s a reminder that we are all people, and if we actually heed Yoko’s refrain*, “War is over, if you want it…”

* Yes, I shuddered a little when I typed that. No, it does not change the validity of the statement.

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