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2015 – In Review (the short version)

Time is…fleeting, and as there are still just over 26 hours left in 2015 [at the time I’m writing this], there are still things from the past year that I am pondering, and am not quite ready to commit to pixels. Or, at least, not quite ready to commit to heavy amounts of typing – yet.

As a brief recap, however, here are a few of the highlights that I plan on elaborating on in a later post, after we’ve crossed fully into 2016.

January – I was awarded my MFA in Writing Popular Fiction
March & May – Kids got older
Somewhere in there, I began an affair with Audiobooks
Summer – A whirlwind trip back to Seton Hill (this time with Mary Catherine along). And Chuck Wendig.*
July – I committed to a new writing project.
September – Signed up for Paradise Lost 6 (2016) Writing Workshop
November – I got older
December – Kool-Aid consumption – I upgraded to El Capitan (from Mountain Lion).

Specifically speaking to the writing component for a moment, this has been a year of discovery…of taking stock of myself, of what I want to accomplish, what stories I want to tell, and how I can best go about committing story…

Like I said at the beginning – borrowing from RHPS – time is fleeting. When I looked at the solid list of ideas that I’ve been tinkering with (stand-alones, planned trilogy arcs, potential series characters [small arcs with potential for more adventures]), there are at least 30 books. 30! So there has been a lot of focus on how I can maximize my opportunities for story development and getting words down.

That focus – on implementing and refining my process – will play a large part in my plans for 2016. Because words matter…stories matter. And I have stories to tell…

* Wendig was the guest speaker for the Summer 2015 Residency, so I was able to meet him, briefly, during his books signing after his night session.

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New Year’s Day on MVM

This is the last video for 2015, so let’s go live! Here’s U2, performing at Slane Castle, Ireland.

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Ghosts of Christmas Past on MVM

With all of the political blatharations (here is the states) and bigger world issues going on, it’s hard to not be a bit morose this season… To that end, here are a few…I dunno, somber yet hopeful? Christmas songs…

First, from 1984: Band-Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

And the second is a video a bit more difficult to watch… John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is Over). I seem to remember there being a video of this, performed in a studio, surrounded by children. This is the “official” video (as of 2003)…

Yes, as dark as the images are, I do consider this one “hopeful.” It’s a reminder that we are all people, and if we actually heed Yoko’s refrain*, “War is over, if you want it…”

* Yes, I shuddered a little when I typed that. No, it does not change the validity of the statement.

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The Saga Begins on MVM

With the new Star Wars movie due out in only a few days, let us revisit the “event” that was the LAST time there was this much anticipation for a new Star Wars movie… Probably one of the best things to come out of Episode I, was Weird Al’s spin…

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Plush on MVM

Scott Weiland passed away last week. He rose to prominence as lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots (STP), but also as the lead singer for Velvet Revolver (while STP was on hiatus).

I…admit that I have never been a huge STP fan. Their first album hit while I was in high school, so yes, I enjoyed the radio singles that were released from Plush. Purple was released in the space between graduation and starting my freshman year of college. Yay, radio singles, but when I listened to the two albums, I didn’t feel the same connection (between tracks on the album [sonicly], mostly, I think). I dug Velvet Revolver more.

Here’s what was likely their biggest single (winning a Grammy in 1994).

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