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Duck in Camoflauge – July 2011

This particular shot was taken while at the mill near Floyd along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

With Thanksgiving yesterday (in the US), right now the duck is probably glad it’s not a turkey.

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Sweet Emotion on MVM

One of the sickest (non-Rush) bass licks that I have seen live, is Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion. While it dates back to the mid-1970s, a video was produced in 1991 to promote their Pandora’s Box set.

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Roll the Bones (Live) on MVM

Back in early October, my wife and I were lying in bed, her scrolling through Facebook on her iPad, and me reading a (physical) book. We were having a conversation about something that had popped up on her feed, and I had been looking over when something caught my attention: the mention of R40 Live’s release date (11/20 – this coming Friday, if you’re interested). This was the “Promo” video that went with the announcement.

I saw this live, and laughed (squeed?) at seeing the celebrity cameos – especially Peter Dinklage (since MC has been on a GoT kick).

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