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Earthbound – July 2011

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SPT: Lava Tube

Exploring the tube… what might your character find? What about the holes, where the light is filtering in? Anyone (or anything) waiting outside them? Is there something to be illuminated by some thing at a special angle (a la Raiders)? What’s at either end of the tunnel? (And how did the character get there?)

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Supersonic on MVM – 10/26/2015

Like most casual listeners, I discovered Oasis based on their breakout (in the US) single. But a friend of mine, after hearing that album, had gone back and gotten their first – and would regularly tell me I needed to check it out.

I finally did (a few months later). This track has made it onto 95% of my driving music mix-tape/playlists ever since.

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Inlet on Martha’s Vineyard – October 2012

This was taken just down the road from the hotel that housed the Viable Paradise workshop, when I went in 2012. (Follow the link for more info about VP.) I consider this one of the best weeks I spent, with regard to how I approach and understand the storytelling craft (and being a professional writer). This week is the 2015 session, and the group of students are finishing up their week on the island.

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SPT: Scottish Landscape

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Jealousy on MVM

I recently heard this song on the radio, and told the Eldest that “this was from when mommy & daddy were in college”. I was wrong. The Gin Blossoms hit while I was still in high school! (Damn, that really makes me feel old, now.) This was their first major single (with a sad backstory… follow the above link for more).

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Flower in Denver – May 2010

Denver Botanical Gardens, May 2010

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SPT: Rocky Mountainside, Scotland

What might lurk beneath the outcropping? A cave entrance? Creature’s lair?

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Penmonkey’s Creed (from Wendig)

Because, Wendig. Context, the originating post touches on fear vs writing the story you want to write (no matter how weird). Seriously, it’s worth reading.

I’ll admit, while reading the post, I kept thinking of the snippet of his night talk that I caught last June (at the Seton Hill residency), where he advised “Care less.” Live – write – for yourself, for the moment, not for things beyond your control…at least, while getting the story down. (DO consider them during revision.)

The Penmonkey’s Creed

This is my book. There are none like it, because this one is mine.

My book is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My book, without me, is useless. Without my book, I am useless. I must write my tale true. I must shoot straighter than my fear who is trying to kill me. I must kill my fear before my fear kills my story.

My book and I know that what counts is not what others have done, what sales we make, what tweets I have twotted. We know that it is my heart that counts. 

My book is a living document, because it is my life. I will learn it as it is my kin. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its characters and plots and themes. I will put my heartsblood into the book and it will put its heartsblood into me as we become part of each other.

Before the Muse that I have shackled to the radiator in my office, I swear this creed. My book and I are the representatives of who I am. We are the masters of our fear. We are the ink-stained fools who press our fingerprints into the page for all to see. We are story and story-teller, one and the same. We are the gods of this place.

So be it, until victory is mine and I have finished my shit — fuck yeah and amen.

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Freak on MVM

Silverchair, I’ve mentioned before, is a group that it took a while for me to find out about, and even then I’ve only ever really listened to Neon Ballroom. This was actually the lead single from their second album (Freak Show, 1997). I’m thinking I may have to check out the rest of their catalog.

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