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Bee on Flower – July 2011

Near Floyd, Virginia

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SPT: Lake Sackwiesen in Styria, Austria

(Sharing for reference: Similar to the post from a couple of weeks ago, this strikes a chord of familiarity to a setting for a novel in progress.)

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Would? on MVM

I have a friend who started playing guitar (and some bass), specifically because of the Seattle sound, and the rise of grunge. This was back when Pearl Jam was big, Nirvana ruled the airwaves, Soundgarden was everywhere,

He talked up the soundtrack for Singles, which actually had tracks from most of the eventual heavy hitters out of that era, including this track from Alice in Chains.

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Train – Colorado, 2010

Taken during a visit to Denver in May/June 2010. We did a lot of driving around that week (around Denver proper, down to Colorado Springs, over to Golden. This was taken while driving one of those highways (I was the passenger, not the driver).

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SPT: The Moth Repurpose

The source labels this as a “Saturniid moth.” What if it were bigger, say, about the size of a small child, and some degree of sentience? How would they communicate? What’s their social structure like?

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Better Man on MVM

Seems I’ve only mentioned Pearl Jam, I’ve never featured one of their videos. And, I’m not going for the obvious one, here (Jeremy), since it can touch a nerve, these days.

Instead, here’s a live performance of Better Man (from 2010), off their third album, but it’s one that was never officially released as a single.

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9/11 – A Year Later (2002)

My first trip to New York was tentatively going to be a school related thing in the fall of 2001. For obvious reasons, that did not happen. Instead, we went the next year. This was at “Ground Zero.” Signs and memorials were still up on the fence around the churchyard across the street.

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