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SPT: Yosemitie Morning

“Somewhere, among the mass of trees…” What is there?

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Paradise by the Dashboard Light on MVM

Continuing the throwback trend, let’s go way back. Meat Loaf had a huge hit in 1993-94 which, sadly, I was having trouble finding the original video for. Instead, here’s one of his older songs, from his first album (some 20 years before)

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Buterfly in Grass – July 2011

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SPT: Lake over Ocean

I present this as an interesting piece for world building. Notice how thin the edge seems to get toward the left of the image, or what looks like a cave formation/inlet near the bottom. What might lie within?

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Time on MVM

Let’s borrow the WABAC from Sherman & Mr. Peabody, and cruise back some 20 years, to when Hootie and the Blowfish ruled the radio…

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Conversation with a Toddler – 7 Aug 2015

One of the movies that our eldest will request is Bolt. Tonight, it was requested. Then this happened while waiting for the movie to start…

Eldest: “Daddy, you’re Bolt. Mommy, you’r the cat.”

MC: “Who are you?”

Me: “The hamster?”

MC: “Rhino? Are you Rhino the Hamster?”

Eldest thinks for a moment. “No. I’m the Green-Eyed Man.”

MC: “Who are your brothers?”

Eldest:” They’re small.”

MC and I laughed. Quick thinking 3 year old… Never a dull moment.

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Cliff Dwellings – June 2010

Cliff Dwellings, outside Denver, Colorado

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