Carry On on MVM

So, there’s this theory that people stop listening to “new” music after a certain age. Unfortunately, here in the digital age, that’s a distinct possibility. In my own experience, for example, I carry around a crapload of music between my phone and an older iPod I use pretty much exclusively as an MP3 player. I hardly listen to the radio anymore (which is how such new discoveries would usually be made). Occasionally, though, newer stuff does make it’s way through. That’s what led me to pick up albums by 3Oh3!, Muse, Mumford and Sons… and even Fun. (Yes, I realize this song has been out for a while, but the last time I had a Fun. track for a MVM entry was back in 2013. I’m considering anything I’ve picked up in the last 5 years as “new” compared to most of the other albums in my library.)

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