Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied – FTW!

I’ve mentioned my affinity for The Fratellis before… a few times. (Seriously, the impulse buy of Costello Music from the local Best Buy in the March-April of 2007 was one of the few positives going on at that time in my life. In fact, it’s the only disc of the several gotten that day that still gets heavy play. I can’t say enough about how worth the sticker price that album has been.)

Second album, just as good, and almost as many replays. Third album, I only recently discovered a few months ago, and it’s been played it several times at work (usually at least once a day since I downloaded).

Their fourth album, which I had pre-ordered (the Deluxe version), dropped Friday. (Note for context: There are very few groups these days that I’m willing to pre-order music from. Most, I’ll just add to my iTunes Wish List, and wait to listen through the samplers before committing.)

Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied – I’ve been listening to it almost exclusively – when I’ve listened to anything – since downloading it Friday morning. (The exception? This week’s Writing Excuses episode, then back to the Fratellis.) I kid you not, I even plugged it in to the speakers on the jogging stroller while walking the twins around the neighborhood over the weekend. Despite a strange look at first (well, strange for 15-month olds), curious at what they were hearing, the eldest twin got it, and I caught him on more than one occasion tapping his knee to the beat.

Check it out. Trust me.

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