Memory’s Digital Lane

One of the great things about living in the future is the ridiculous amount of digital storage we have available. Hard drives now are on the order of hundreds of Gigabytes, if not Terabytes. The first computers I was working on some 20 years ago? Orders of Megabytes. When not stuffing these new, spacious hard drives with HD videos, games or other things, that means there’s an insane amount of space for smaller files – like Word docs.

Which leads me to this… I have certain pack-rat tendencies… When I upgraded laptops a few times, before finally changing over to Macs, I pulled the hard drives (small as they are now), slapped them into cases and turned them into external drives. And promptly set them aside.

We recently got a Roku player, and in an effort to set up an external USB drive for some of the kid’s video files that we have (to run through the Roku instead of shuffling content to sync to an i-thing to then connect THAT to the television), I’ve revisited those old drives. And promptly realized that neither would be suitable (they were 20 & 40GB drives).

But… BUT!

It’s also given me a chance to find old things. Playlists – the few that I’ve ever saved. Music I had downloaded and forgotten about (but seeing the files, I remember what a big deal getting them was at the time). And copies of photos. All things that triggered pangs of nostalgia, some tinged with shades of grief others with joy.

Or shades of wonder…finding old documents – story fragments of ideas that have been noodling in the subconscious for years. (Really – I found a file from 2004 about an idea that, 11 years later, is still wanting to be written but the concept has changed significantly from that first brain dump.)

Excuse me, while I trim some of the overgrowth along the lane, culling samples to be saved for later…

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