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DU Campus – June 2010

Had I gotten into the University of Denver (DU), this (generally) would have been the view I would have seen most days, outside the building that houses their English Department. It is a good looking campus, and one I would not object to spending more time at in the future (as faculty) if the opportunity presents itself.

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SPT: On Patrol

This one, I think, is fairly straightforward, in general, but what might they encounter?

(I actually have a piece, written maybe six years ago, an early scene for a novel, that this image generally fits… but the mech design here is making me rethink some elements of that story.)

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Quick Book Notes

So, I’m a little late to discover Any Weir’s The Martian – finally tipped over to experiencing it after seeing the movie trailer, even though it had been on my radar for a couple of years.

Then there’s Earnest Cline’s Armada (just out a couple of weeks ago), similar in vein to his first book Ready Player One (which I also was slow to experience, just because of the depth of my TBR stack).

I tell you that, to say this:

Holy fucking shitballs! If you are any kind of SF person, it is my opinion that these works need to be consumed. Period. End of discussion. (Disclaimer: I listened to the audiobooks for both Martian & Armada. For both, there were points I laughed out loud by phrase turns, sarcasm and shots of gallows humor. I also couldn’t wait to get back to the stories…)

 Armada novel cover.jpg The Martian 2014.jpg

Okay, deep breath. Let’s readdress that, and unpack it for context.

The obvious: I am substantially inside the target audience for both works. For Armada, I’m also a returning reader (from RPO), and like Cline grew up in the 80’s, so I had experienced most of the gaming/music/pop culture references myself.

The not-so-obvious: This is the point where context really matters in the formation of my opinion, but context here is a non-linear thing. I am a writer, and have been studying craft closely for a couple of years (remember that MFA thing?). Part of that has been other sources of information – writer’s blogs, the Writing Excuses podcast. Lots of Writing Excuses. This year, they are running the season as a Master Class format, with a specific strategy for the season’s episodes, with each month being themed (instead of different, sometimes random, episodes). Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the episodes about middles, of try-fail cycles, “yes, but” and “no and” complications (the overly simplistic explanation: “yes, thing worked, but the something else happened that makes the situation somehow worse” or “no, thing did not work, and the situation has gotten worse”).

There was also some discussion in the Facebook group for my MFA program about “making plans.” [I can’t find the original at the moment, but the basic question someone asked: “What do you think about someone talking about their plans, before actually doing them?” The general consensus: Only to provide context for when the plans break down during implementation.]

All of that stuff was informing my listening experience, and since I was only passively experiencing the events of the story (as opposed to having to physically read the words in the increasingly minute chunks of time that having the kids under age 3 affords) – so I was able to get through more story at once while in that headspace.

Martian was all about “Here’s my plan” followed by “Well, that didn’t work, but here’s what did.” Not to mention tons of examples of “how things can get worse for the protagonist” (as if, SPOILER: Being left behind, presumed dead, on MARS, wasn’t bad enough). Similarly, I was able to see most of the escalations (both subtle and not-so-much), in Armada.

But even while being able to see behind the curtain, I was still engaged in the story. That is the key thing… And as a writer, both of them had things I intend to steal use as examples for some of my own projects.

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Know Your Enemy on MVM

I picked up 21st Century Breakdown, based on the strength of American Idiot, and was not disappointed. Thematically, the later felt like a continuation of the former (indeed, the American Idiot stage adaptation pulls tracks from both).

This was the lead single from Breakdown.

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Sea Turtle and Friend – June 2010

At the Denver Aquarium (yes, through the glass).

We were in Denver to check out the DU campus (when I was looking at grad programs). We were impressed with the facility (and had dinner at the attached restaurant). Both were well worth the price (for two adults).

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SPT: Mountain Airship Dock

Echoes of Spelljammer, but with an accelerant drive for flight capabilities… but let’s look at whats around it, shall we?. It’s docking… is it a military craft? Pirates? A ghost ship? What is the world like: shades of Hoth, or is this just in a mountain range (a la Spine of the World)? What’s the culture/society like?

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Memory Remains on MVM

There was a brief window of time when I looked forward to any new music from Metallica… roughly 1994-96, when singles from the “black” album were everywhere and Load hadn’t dropped yet. While I thought Load was okay, I wasn’t waiting in line to get Reload. (I did pick up both Garage, Inc and S&M, however, which were both released later.) Matter of fact… I still don’t think it’s in the library, although it did have some very good singles.

Including this one, the lead single from the album that also features Marianne Faithfull.

Hmm… maybe I should go back now, and add a few tracks to the library…

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Camel on a Bus – July 2011

At an animal preserve near Floyd, Virginia.

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SPT: Secluded Tree Castle

First thought is a fantasy setting, but what about SF, landing on an alien world? Is that an Elvish home/castle? A temple of sorts? A green wizard’s keep? Or the opening to an isolated research facility? Are those platforms on the sides bridges, or places for aerial craft to land (or projectile weapons to be positioned)?

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I want Love on MVM

Before he was Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr was in an Elton John video. This video. I admit to being of mixed opinions about much of John’s music. His string of hits is undeniable, but his recent releases? Meh… they just haven’t resonated enough to add much to the library (not that I’ve really heard much, without stumbling across it)…

But this one video, besides it being a good song, is cool for other reasons. It’s a single long shot, through a historical landmark.

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