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Google Maps – Expanding to Yosemite

I’m not a climber. Correction, I’m not a rock climber – I’ve been known to climb up and around things – hillsides, trees (when I was younger), but rarely going vertical for more than a few feet unless it’s a climbing wall (and even that’s a rare thing for me, at this point).

Which is why I think it’s cool that Google Maps is diversifying their available locations, even into parts of nature. Specifically, there’s currently [24 June 2015] a link on the main Google page linking to an exploration/climb of El Capitan in Yosemite. Now I’m tempted to go write something…

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Thursdays, Renamed

You might have noticed the last post carried a new sort of title. The repurposing of the “Repurposing” thread has been completed, and the name has now been changed to “Story Prompt Thursday.” likely to be shortened to “SPT.” The “Repurposing” category will continue to be used for those entries for easier continuity.

As a reminder, the plan is still for it to be a photographic thread, interesting images from around the internet (with the images themselves hyper-linked back to their source).

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Story Prompt Thursday – In the Forest

Is it morning? Late afternoon?

This one easliy lends itself to Fantasy: I’ll admit, one of my first thoughts here is of the Hobbit, maybe the early entrance to Murkwood… or of the scene in LotR: Fellowship, where Frodo & his hobbit company first encounter the Rider, just after leaving the Shire.

But there are other possibilities that can be explored. What sort of stories do you see here?

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