Thoughts about Audio editions…

If you’ve checked my “Year in Reading” page recently, you’ll have noticed I’ve started actively engaging with audiobooks. They are things I’ve known about for years – book on tape, and all that – and I’ve even stocked up on a few, years ago, when iTunes had some on sale (before I discovered the blissful hell that is Audible*), but I had never really listened to any of them, for a variety of reasons. This year, though, with my reading slowing to near glacial progress (courtesy of three kids, aged 3 or younger), I decided to take the plunge and start working through the small library I had accumulated. I’ve already gotten through more audiobooks than I have read this year (in the span of, maybe two months).

I have thoughts on specific titles – those will be separate posts – but the main thing I want to say here, now, is voice my regret that I waited this long to make the leap to listening to audio versions. (My chief concern at this point, is being selective in what works to pursue – namely, good stories and good performances.)

* My thoughts on Audible…  On the one hand, it’s an Amazon company. (Enough said, there.) On the other, their “credit” subscription/pricing model is a no-brainer for getting into audiobooks, especially if you’re into epic fantasy (where the book may be anywhere upward of $40+, and 30-40 hours [or more]). I call it a “blissful hell” simply because of the selection (huge).

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