Retiring the Repurposing Thread… Sort of

I have come to a decision about one of my features.. the “Repurposing” series I have been running over the last few years. It’s been a fun thing, and one I’ve enjoyed searching for… but my time to find interesting places (with an interesting collection of pictures combined with interesting backstories) is just something that sucks more time than I can justify at this point in the game.

To that end, I’m (mostly) discontinuing it as it has been done… Repurposing it (ha!) is more accurate. You see, the key reasoning behind the thread’s very existence was for the pictures (and backstories) as possible story fodder for some future point. Instead, I plan on turning it into an “art” platform – things that suggest stories – things that I find cool or interesting from a handful of sites. Just the images, maybe with a brief prompt or question, or snippet of related free-writing.

What this means:

These will NOT be pictures that I have taken (those are reserved for my “Photo Friday” series)

These MAY influence my “Fictional Echoes” series, but only if I feel compelled to work with an image for more than a brief scene – if I start something for a Thursday post and feel compelled to expand on it. (Odds are, those instances would be delayed by a few weeks).

Here’s the challenging part… I need a name to morph the series to. Something pithy, possibly incorporating or playing off the day of the week (Thursday)… any suggestions?

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