Message in a Bottle on MVM

This one goes out to my fellow SHU-ian (and speaker for our graduation), Patricia Lillie. And it’s based on a couple of stories.

First, in the last couple of months, I’ve started to embrace the idea of Audiobooks. I’ve always known they were things, even acquired a few of them, but resisted the idea of listening to them… until finally buckling under the ratio of (TBR stack: Time available to actually, physically read them). Time to make the transition. One of the audiobooks that I’ve had for a while – likely since its release back in 2009 – but had yet to listen to, is Strange Things Happen by Stewart Copeland.

Of The Police.

I finally got around to starting the book last week, which put me in a bit of a Police mood for this week’s selection.

Which is grounds for the second story. The band was already near the breaking point by the time I discovered the group (via my older sister), around 1984. Sting has already released his first solo album, videos from Synchronicity were all over MTV. But Patricia was there, back in the beginning, when the band first came to New York in the late 70s – she met them and along with friends hung out with them (and she has opinions, but they are for her to tell). For the brief point in the text where Copeland talks about those early days, her stories came to mind.

So here’s one of their earlier videos, without defaulting to Roxanne

And Patricia, I think you’d like the book.

  1. #1 by Patricia on May 19, 2015 - 10:08

    I’ve added the book to my longer-than-my-remaining-lifespan TBR list. Thanks!

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