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Message in a Bottle on MVM

This one goes out to my fellow SHU-ian (and speaker for our graduation), Patricia Lillie. And it’s based on a couple of stories.

First, in the last couple of months, I’ve started to embrace the idea of Audiobooks. I’ve always known they were things, even acquired a few of them, but resisted the idea of listening to them… until finally buckling under the ratio of (TBR stack: Time available to actually, physically read them). Time to make the transition. One of the audiobooks that I’ve had for a while – likely since its release back in 2009 – but had yet to listen to, is Strange Things Happen by Stewart Copeland.

Of The Police.

I finally got around to starting the book last week, which put me in a bit of a Police mood for this week’s selection.

Which is grounds for the second story. The band was already near the breaking point by the time I discovered the group (via my older sister), around 1984. Sting has already released his first solo album, videos from Synchronicity were all over MTV. But Patricia was there, back in the beginning, when the band first came to New York in the late 70s – she met them and along with friends hung out with them (and she has opinions, but they are for her to tell). For the brief point in the text where Copeland talks about those early days, her stories came to mind.

So here’s one of their earlier videos, without defaulting to Roxanne

And Patricia, I think you’d like the book.

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Devil’s Den, July 2011

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Idol’s Mony on MVM

Back in the late 80s [87-88], there was a plethora of “age-change” movies, but with a hint of a yuppie vibe –¬†18 Again!, Like Father Like Son… and Vice Versa (which, incidentally, is actually based on a book first published in 1882). While¬†18 Again! was my favorite at the time, Vice Versa was more of my generation (Fred Savage was one of the leads), especially when it came to the soundtrack. One of the songs, Mony, Mony – as performed by Billy Idol – has stuck with me, and I still think of the movie whenever I hear the song.

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Secluded Fountain – November 2009

Taken at one of the Sandals properties in St Lucia. IIRC, this was off the lobby area of the largest of the three properties.

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Don’t Lose My Number on MVM – 5/4/2015

One of the first cassette tapes I owned (yes, I said cassette tape – this was the 80s, at the dawn of the CD era, and long before digital tracks) was Phil Collins’ No Jacket Required. It was catchy, and videos for the singles were regularly on MTV (you know, back when they actually played music). Especially this one.

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Horses Look at 1

There’s a thing, we started it with the eldest, and it seems only fair and fitting that the tradition continues.

I mentioned quite some time ago that we were… I believe the phrase I used was “expanding the stable.” Then the issue was dropped. It was dropped not because something happened during the pregnancy, but simply because schedules went wonky (between the push to finish the MFA, then a small circus surrounding the actual delivery, then the mayhem of having not only twins, but don’t forget big brother).

Arrive, they did, and they were healthy – neither had to spend any time in the NICU, and they were only ounces apart in weight (and each, individually, weighed more than big brother when he was born). Here we are, a year later, and they are on the verge of walking, have been eating real food for close to a month, and already recognize their names when called. The next year is going to be… very interesting.

For now, though, here they are, ringing in their second year.



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Permission to come ashore? – Stanley, December 2008

Taken during the Honeymoon voyage in 2008, this was one of the few features of note along the road to the one inland spot considered “safe” [read: land-mine free] on the island.

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