Repurposing: The OTHER Long Island

In Boston, that is. The idea of “recycling” an island could be applied to any island, actually, but I have a soft spot for most things Bostonian. Not to mention this one is actually a sort-of recent thing.

Seems the only reason it’s been “abandoned” was due to deteriorating conditions of the lone bridge that allows access to the island. As recently as October 2014, the island was home to various social programs (homeless shelter, children’s summer camps, etc). (Also, FWIW, it seems that it may have been the inspirations for Shutter Island.)

Click here for a few pictures... some of them, like the one below, speak volumes toward the quick departure, and already conjure up a few scenes/exchanges…

Like this:

I can hear a child, lamenting after having to be hurried away, “but what about [name of toy here]?” Then the mixed emotions of the parent, torn between shrugging it off and saddened that they can’t do something for their kid…

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