The Story Grid

I’ve mentioned before that one of the blogs I periodically follow is that of Steven Pressfield (Legend of Bagger Vance), especially for his “Writing Wednesday” posts.

His business partner and editor, Shawn Coyne also has periodic articles on the site, but a few months ago, he kicked off somethign new: The Story Grid. It developed as a companion (advance?) site for a craft book he is working on.

I’ve been following his site since its launch, and his approach “sharing my analytical method to edit stories of every genre” resonates with my nature.Sure,there are echoes of other craft/process worksthat I have read, but there are some new insights, or ways of thinking, that I have gotten from hissite as well.

For example, this post, where he talks about “The Universal Appeal of the Thriller” (note: that’s where my thesis novel would be catagorized). In that post, he suggests Writing the Blockbuster Novel by Albert Zuckerman. One of the things that I appreciated about the text was the inclusion (and discussion) of multiple, evolving,¬†outlines for a Ken Follett novel. That post came at the right time, for me, as I’ve started trying to figure out an outlining process that works for me and my new (post-graduate, 3-kids under 3) schedule.

Or this one, where he talks about the Numbers of assembling a draft – again, hitting as I try to figure out my schedule.

Good stuff. Check it out.

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