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The End of an Era… RIP, Leonard Nimoy

Like most of my generation, I grew up with Star Trek (TOS) as one of the cultural touchstones. Between reruns of the original series, the animated series, and the toys (I vaguely remember having a Spock action figure when I lived in Virginia – circa 1980-82), Leonard Nimoy was always there. Then, in the mid-80s, there was Standby: Lights, Camera, Action on Nickelodeon, where he went behind the scenes of movie production (I well remember the episode where they covered ST III:Search for Spock). It was always a brief thrill to see him pop up on unexpected shows – Fringe, or the voice-over bit from Big Bang Theory.

 He was an icon, and despite his fame always seemed to keep both a sense of humor (as evidenced below). He will be missed.

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AI Flower, Buenos Aires

Taken December 2008. What we were told is that the sculpture is light sensitive – that it “blooms,” opening by degrees when sunlight hits it, then slowly closes at night as the daylight fades.

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Fallen Angel on MVM

I’ve been on a mini-Poison kick, stemming back to my trip to Martha’s Vineyard for Viable Paradise in late 2012. I had loaded the Greatest Hits album onto my iPod, for something different than what I had been regularly listening to at the time. Fast forward two years, and I have half of that album in the random playlist I keep on my phone, and they get played pretty regularly.

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Red Rocks

Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Denver, CO, June 2010. I think that’s Denver off on the horizon, to the right.

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All of Me on MVM

MC’s birthday was this weekend. This one’s for her.

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Eifel Tower, Vegas

Eifel Tower in Vegas, February 2008, where we celebreated MC’s 30th Birthday.

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Dan Wells on Story Structure (a re-share)

Part of my regular weekly routine is to listen to the latest Writing Excuses episode. Some time ago, there was mention of a 7-Point Structure talk that Dan gave at a conference. At the time, I was tied up in other things, and still trying to figure out my own process (still am, to a degree, but that’s another discussion). A few weeks ago, one of my fellow SHU folks shared a link to video of the talk on Facebook, so I watched it. Logically, I can see what he’s talking about (and have read about similar structures other places), but it’s still something I’m working to incorporate.

(it’s a 5 video playlist, and I’m listing it here for others, but also for my future reference.)


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The Old Apartment on MVM

It’s been a while since I’ve had any Barenaked Ladies on here… and to be honest, I haven’t really listened to much of their new stuff since Steven Page left the group in 2009 (not because of his departure, but due to declining interest over the last couple of albums sine 2003…)

One of their classics, though, is “This Old Apartment”

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Frozen Pond

Frozen pond on the grounds of Biltmore Estate (Ashville, NC), December 2010. I thought the split ice – the foreground and then further across, but water (or at least thinner ice) in the middle – was a cool juxtaposition. I threw the stick out as a way to test the thickness, and it turned out to be an interesting foreground detail.

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Repurposing – The Wraith

Something a little different this week… featuring an object, instead of a structure: the 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith.

I’m not a car person… insofar as I can do basic work on my vehicles, but not much more than that. But I’m a sucker for classic designs. Growing up, I remember being given a bok of “classic” cars, 20s-40s era body designs, staged, much like the above, with small blurbs about the vehicle.

For those interested, The Wriath has already been used at least twice: the car at the center of Joe Hill’s NOS4A2, and in Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat (from the Dresden Files series).

The trick, here, is to make the vehicle match the flavor of the driver (or, the text). It’s worth noting, that models can be resurrected: Rolls Royce brought back the Wraith in 2013

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