Repurposing – DeJarnette Sanitarium, Staunton, VA

This week’s selection is a little more personal… It’s one I actually saw in person! A few weeks ago, I was driving to Pennsylvania for my final MFA Residency. Normally in the winter, I go straight up 95 then cut across. This time, though, since the original plan was for MC to go with, we looked at cutting west sooner. (Those plans fell through, but I opted for the alternate route, anyway – heading west on VA 64 to 81N… then took 81N to pick up the end of my usual route along the PA Turnpike – because: Tunnel!)

A pit stop was required, and when I stopped at a Sheetz in Staunton, I saw this building just around the corner, along a dirt road connected to the service/exit road from the gas station. Context: There’s a story that’s I’ve kicking around, an opening that’s been very rough-drafted, set in an old, abandoned school [at the moment]. I saw the above, and it had the right kind of feel for what I was looking for, I had to take a few pictures. It was ball-shrivilingly cold at the time, so I only got a few external shots, including some landmarks to look the place up later.

Lo, through the power of the internet, I discovered the place is the original location of the DeJarnette Sanitarium (natch!), but even better, found a site that has some interior pics (click the “Gallery” link at the bottom of the page).

Ironically, this picture actually fits with what I had already drafted:

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