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Photo Friday – 2 Jan 2015


This was one of those moments, driving through western (note the -ern, not West) Virginia. I can’t remember where, exactly, but the inciting incident stemmed from a combination of cold weather (hence thin foliage), and the trio of horses by the river. The white one (to the left) moved just before I took the shot. Before I could adjust to get them all back in the farm, the other two moved as well.

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New Feature: Photo Fridays

One of my interests has always been nature, and landscapes. I’m not sure if this stemmed from my D&D days in high school – playing Battlesystems (miniatures, LONG before the current iteration of mini figs and rules), and an interest in dioramas (again for gaming, but also for use with models & trains) – or from an inherent “world-building” mindset of a really young writer.

True story – on a field trip, in 8th or 9th grade, I think, we went to an old civil war “fort.” More of a collection of hollowed out dirt mounds, compared to what would normally come to mind. I used at least a full roll of film (24-exposure) just on the surrounding terrain. Yes, roll of film. Let’s just say I’m quite happy with the advent of digital photography, and available memory capacity.

So what this series will include are snapshots that have been taken on my own equipment (mostly by me), from places I have travelled, things I have seen, or experiences I have lived.

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