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Scrivener for iOS…

For those that might not have checked the L&L website recently, there has been some news posted on their blog about the status of porting Scrivener to iOS. (Disclosure: It was posted 5 August, and I just saw it last night, so no worries if you hadn’t seen it yet.)

Short version: it’s still in the works. (Yay!)

Slightly longer version: The hope is to finish by the end of 2014 or early 2015. (Follow the link above for the full story…)

Personally, I’m okay with is taking a little while, if the goal is to get it right, not just to get something out there. I think I’ve mentioned before that I started using Scrivener based on comments that Charlie Stross made on his blog some years ago…late 2010, I think. I downloaded it in early 2011, tinkered with it a little, but really dug into it when I started my MFA program in 2012.

In that time, it’s become my primary wordprocessing software for drafting prose. As someone who generally composes in longhand then types it all up, I’m still looking forward to this getting released. Because of issues I’ve had transferring test from Word into Scrivener, a portable version would be ideal, for those times when pulling out a laptop would just be overkill.

So, yeah…woot! It’s still in the works (and hasn’t been scrapped). Still looking forward to it.

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Genie Has Lost His Voice


There’s just… I feel like the kid in Eight Men Out, following Joe Jackson around. “Say it ain’t so, Joe. Say it ain’t so.” Like so many of my generation, I first encountered him through Happy Days and Mork and Mindy, then his zaniness through his films, such as PopeyeGood Morning Vietnam, and even Disney’s Aladdin.

He was an icon. I had HBO while growing up, and remember watching him do introductions for an animated Shakespeare series.

What drew me in, though, what made me truly a fan, was the breadth of his roles. Sure, comedy was always his thing, but how easily he could slide into a drama – Dead Poet Society is the instant association most will have, and no doubt on some level that affected my chosen career path. Good Will Hunting might be the other go-to options – it is what earned him his Oscar. But before those was The World According to Garp. When I first encountered the film, it was flipping channels, saw Williams, and thought “Oh, this should be funny.” I came in near the end of the movie. It wasn’t funny, but that short part of the movie that I saw, that performance has stuck with me. (I have yet to watch the whole movie, or even read the book, but more than 20 years later, I still remember those final scenes, and the pain in those moments. That was one gut-wrenching jump-cut.)

I was lucky enough to see him in person, during a taping of Letterman back in 2002, when he was touring for his “Live on Broadway” special that was being released on DVD.

I’m just… “Oh Captain, my captain…”

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